Brandon Harrison Press Conference Notes

Earlier today, cornerback <b>Brandon Harrison</b> announced on ESPN News that he would play football for the University of Michigan. Here is the transcript of his press conference.

Comments from Brandon Harrison press conference.

Brandon, how are you doing today?

"I'm doing fine, how are you doing?"

I'm doing quite well. Tell us, what were your thoughts when Tyrone Willingham was fired?

"I didn't think that it was very classy. Firing a man after his only three years of his five year contract, then having a secret meeting the night before, and firing him the next morning, it just wasn't fair you know?"

So how do you make your choice from there?

"When that came out, my head coach told me to open up my recruiting again and take a few official visits. I didn't really hear anything from the Notre Dame coaches for about 2 weeks. A couple of coaches would call me every once in a while and tell me that they didn't know what was going on and that they were still confused and that they didn't know if they were going to stay or leave."

I heard that you got a phone call from Coach Weis, I think that was his first recruiting phone call since he was Notre Dame's head coach. Tell me about that phone call and what he was trying to pitch to you.

"He was just asking me if I had narrowed it down, and I told him that I narrowed down to two schools, Iowa and Michigan. And he said the he would fly in on Friday and meet with me and my parents. He wants to pitch his plan to me about how he plans to run the program at Notre Dame. And that after he leaves my house, I will be a Notre Dame recruit again. I told him that I had narrowed it down, and that I had lost a little bit of the feeling and comfort that I had with Notre Dame with what they did to the coach that I wanted to play for."

You visited Iowa, and then you followed up with Michigan, so tell me a little bit about those visits and how they compared, and ultimately how you ended up at your decision.

"Well, when I went to Iowa, they greeted me well. The coaches were all great guys. Coach Parker, the defensive back coach. I got to meet a lot of the palyers. They have a great Business Program. And they have a great strength and conditioning coach. When I went to Michigan, they greeted me well, talked to a lot of the players. I had a sit down with coach Carr. He told me everything that he is trying to do, and I like the way that he's running his program. Coach English is a great D-back coach. I got to sit down and talk to him and go over some technique. And you know, Iowa is 9 hours away, and Michigan is 3, and that was a big factor too. I want my parents to be able to come and see me play every game. They have been watching play since I was in grade school and that is very important to me."

I know that Kirk Ferentz, Lloyd Carr, and your parents basically have to watch this show to find out where you are going. So why don't you tell us where you are going.

"I'm going to school at the University of Michigan. I chose the University of Michigan because again, I just fell in love with the program. I love the way that coach Carr is running like I said before, coach Ron English is a great defensive back coach. From what he taught me in that little bit of time I was up there, I came back with a lot, and that's my decision."

I like how you said that. " You lost your feeling of comfort." That is very hard to do when you have Charlie Weiss ready to find to your house. That was very well handled.

Did you talk to Marlin Jackson on your visit? Obviously he is a great corner back that is leaving, and what do you think the plans are for Michigan as far as playing right away or stepping in and becoming a corner back?

"They told me that physically I was ready to play, but it is all on how I pick up the schemes and everything. Coach Carr told me that he expects me to come in and be a play-maker. He expects me to contribute to the team and be on the field."

Brandon, congratulations to you. Thanks for coming on the show.

"Thanks for having me."

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