McKinney's Weekend: Changes Visits, A Leader Falls

There were several sudden changes for jumbo athlete <b>James McKinney's</b> this weekend!<br><br> Including -- his co-leader has been dropped!<br><br> GoBlueWolverine Magazine spoke Sunday with McKinney to get the latest, including his revised list of top schools. <br>

Athlete James McKinney from Central High School in Louisville, Ky., made a sudden change in his visit schedule this weekend. Originally planning to visit Oklahoma, the 6 foot 3, 263-pound McKinney chose to instead visit the hometown school, considered to be at least his co-leader. "I decided to stay home and visit Louisville," he said.

However, the visit ended abruptly, and McKinney and Louisville have parted ways. "The coaches asked me to leave," McKinney said. "Louisville was the leader going into the visit, but now I've dropped them. Some of the players told the coaches I was bad-mouthing the program, which wasn't true, What I said was that the state of Kentucky was more of a basketball state than a football state, that basketball was more important here than in other states. Why would I take an official visit to bad-mouth a school?"

McKinney had committed to Michigan at the end of his junior season, but he re-opened his recruitment after discussions with his family. Reportedly, one of the main reasons for his change of heart at that time was the desire of his mother to have him stay closer to home. With the sudden change in the relationship with Louisville, how are things on the home front with McKinney now?

"She said if I wanted to go to Michigan it was okay with her! Right now my top schools are Michigan, Clemson and Nebraska."

The Blue-Grass State star visited Nebraska on Nov. 26, Clemson on Dec. 3, and Michigan on Dec. 10. Even with the shortened trip to Louisville, the visit still counts against his allotted five official visits, leaving McKinney with one remaining. "I'm not sure if I'll reschedule the Oklahoma visit," he said. "I leave for the Army game on Jan. 9 and I am suppose to visit Ohio State after that. I'm not sure what I'll do now."

McKinney has been invited to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl game on Jan. 15 in San Antonio, Texas. The game features some of the top high school senior football talent in the country. And he, along with several other game participants, just may announcement his decision then.

McKinney's cousin, linebacker Brandon Logan from Lexington, Ky., Catholic High School, recently announced his commitment to Michigan. "I knew he was going to Michigan," McKinney said. "We are still talking about going to school together ... but that isn't for certain."

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