Michigan Plays AND Gets Serious at Disneyland

The Michigan and Texas teams were eyeball to eyeball at Disneyland Monday afternoon. Mickey Mouse and friends tried to inject an air of levity into the affair -- but the players had on their game faces as they sized each other up!<br><br> Braylon Edwards -- especially intense!<br><br> Here is what <b>Coach Carr, Braylon, Roy Manning and Texas Coach Mack Brown</b> said about the game<br><br> Coach Carr also gave the latest on the status of <b>Jason Avant and Adam Stenavich</b>.<br>

Michigan Head Coach Carr:

On the status of Jason Avant (knee injury).

Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr is flanked by Wolverine players David Bass (left) and Roy Manning (right) during his talk at Disneyland. Monday was the kickoff of the Rose Bowl week.
"I am losing confidence that he'll be able to play in the game. He had an excellent practice just before we left for California, but the next day there was some swelling in his knee. Now that swelling in the knee has gone down, but it's gone into his calf. Jermaine Gonzales is a fine receiver and is ready to have a good game."

On the status of OL Adam Stenavich

"I have the same position on him. He won't start the game."

On the difference between getting ready for the Rose Bowl this year versus last year.

"I'd say we're more focused than last year. Last year we were well prepared and we played hard. I won't say we were unfocused, but we ran into a great team. But this year the hotel we are staying at is set up so there are fewer distractions than last year."

On whether the Texas offense is similar to any Big Ten team's.

"Offensively Texas reminds me of Michigan State more than anyone in the Big Ten. They use the quarterback similarly ... they have well conceived schemes for the quarterback to run the football. And they run a spread offense, also like MSU."

Michigan Wideout Braylon Edwards:

Michigan wide-receiver Braylon Edwards signs a football as two Anaheim Western High School football players look on. The ball was signed by Michigan and Texas players, then presented to Western.
On the difference between getting ready for the Rose Bowl this year versus last year.

"Last year was the first time any of us were out here for the Rose Bowl. This year we know how to focus ... we can have some fun - BUT - we're here to win a football game! So we're taking it differently."

On Texas saying the Michigan defense was not very fast.

"I know Cedric personally, we've talked on the phone."
"I know he said those things, and he knew when he said them that they'd get back to our team ... at Michigan we do our talking on the field."

On whether the Texas defense is similar to any Big Ten team's.

"I'd say they remind us a little of the Iowa defense. They don't blitz a lot, and they play zone in the defensive backfield. And they both have mobile linebackers, and their defensive lines gives a good push."

"But Texas has a lot more speed. They're very fast, very athletic. "

Mickey Mouse applauds as Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr accepts an award of appreciation from Disneyland.
Michigan Defensive End Roy Manning:

Will Michigan stay in the 3-4 defense for the game?

"We've been practicing a lot of different schemes for the game."

Texas Head Coach Mack Brown

"In a big game like this it usually comes down to turnovers and the kicking game."

Photos by Don Hoekwater, GoBlueWolverine Magazine

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