Presser: Greg Davis, Texas Offensive Coordinator

At today's <b>Rose Bowl Press Conference</b> it was the Texas offensive coordinator, plus QB <b>Vincent Young</b> and Doak Walker RB <b>Cedric Benson</b>.<br>

Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis answers questions during Wednesday's Rose Bowl press conference
Greg Davis, Texas Offensive Coordinator

"We strive not to be one-dimensional. But we are a running team. We are going to run the football."

" Vince Young is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, but he is serious on the field. He has completed 60% of his passes. We were disappointed in his touchdown/interception ratio earlier in the season, but he has improved that."

"Cedric Benson is a warrior. You don't realize at the end of a game that he has 160-170-180 yards. He's not a guy who makes people leap to their feet. Scouts compare him to Emmett Smith."

On Michigan's defense: "I don't think we'll see anything dramatically different from the Michigan defense ... after 11 games you have to figure their system is pretty much set. You know, against Ohio State they had guys in place to make the plays, but then the OSU quarterback would make a play ..."

Texas quarterback Vince Young at Wednesday's Rose Bowl press conference.
On Michigan's 3-4 defense: "Years ago everyone played a 3-4 defense. Now it's reversed. Colleges don't do it anymore because it's hard to find guys who can play in space. With the 3-4 you're not sure which outside linebacker is dropping and which one is rushing."


Quarterback Vincent Young. The guy has an easy Will Smith type of personality. He has the Will Smith giggle down pat, and he said he and a couple teammates are cutting rap song tracks. Most of the Texas reporters were asking him questions about the Oklahoma game and the Orange Bowl, and he was answering them ... living in the past?

Texas running back Cedric Benson
Doak Walker winning RB Cedric Benson. Again, the Texas reporters were asking him questions about the Oklahoma game.

Both Young and Benson were asked if they watched the Rose Bowl growing up ... their answers: no.

Photos by Don Hoekwater / Staff

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