Herrmann's Keys; Woodley's Comparisons

At today's <b>Rose Bowl Press Conference</b> it was the Michigan defenses' turn.<br><br> Defensive coordinator <b>Jim Herrmann </b>gave his defensive keys to the game, and more.<br><br> And <b>Lamarr Woodley</b> give his comparison to the Texas Offense.<br>

Michigan defensive coordinator Jim Herrmann talks during Wednesday's Rose Bowl press conference.
Michigan Defensive Coordinator Jim Herrmann

"The keys for us defensively are to limit the rushing yards and not give up big plays."

"Cedric Benson and Vincent Young have 85% of Texas' rushing yards between them. Texas runs designed rushing plays for Vincent Young. They are essentially a team with two tailbacks out there at the same time, and one of them can throw the ball."

"There are two kinds of spread offenses. A Purdue-type spread which is designed to pass the ball; and a Big 12-type which is more run-oriented."

Herrmann: Against a scrambling/mobile quarterback

"While you want everyone flowing to the ball, with a run-pass quarterback it's very similar to option football where everyone has to stay aware of their assignments. The ball has to stay in front of the defenders, and inside the perimeter of the defense. Then we can see if a quarterback really wants to run with it and get hit."

Herrmann: Regarding coming off the OSU loss:

Michigan cornerback Leon Hall at the Rose Bowl press conference.
"Our guys have done a good job maintaining focus this year amongst all the glitz and glamor out here."

"Our kids are very competitive. They don't like losing, they don't like playing poorly. So coming off a game where they came off the field with a bad taste in their mouths, the next time they're going to play well. So these kids have come out and practiced hard every day."

"I'm very excited about where we are! We're the underdogs, right? That's a good role to be in!"

"We also like the extra practices because it gives us a chance to develop our young players. Prescott Burgess and Chris Graham have both worked very hard."

Herrmann: Regarding this year's 3-4 defense overall:

"We will go back in the offseason and evaluate every snap of the season, to see how effective it has been. But in Lamarr Woodley we have someone who can play both up or down, and we have some younger guys who are similar."

Michigan DE/OLB Lamarr Woodley

"Texas' offense -- it's the Minnesota offense ... it's the Minnesota offense with Drew Stanton at quarterback."

"I'll play both up (as an OLB) and down (as a DE) in the game."

Wolverine safety Ryan Mundy at Wednesday's Rose Bowl press conference.
Woodley on this year versus last year. "Last year was the first time out here for all of us. This year we aren't getting caught up in the 'fame' ... we aren't star struck. Me personally, last year I was kind of looking around ... this year I'm focusing. All of us who were here last year have toned down our activities -- we're all a year older, and there isn't much for us to see out here anymore. We're spending our time watching film."

Note: playing Young and Benson on the scout team:
Tim Bracken - Cedric Benson
Morgan Trent - Vincent Young

Photos by Don Hoekwater / GoBlueWolverine.com Staff

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