Michigan Wins the 49th Annual Lawry's Beef Bowl

The Michigan Wolverine football players won the 49th annual Lawry's Beef Bowl, held at Lawry's, the Prime Rib, in Beverly Hills, Calif. for the second-consecutive year. However, a win in the Beef Bowl has not always translated to victory in the Rose Bowl. <br>

The Pasadena City College band welcomed the Michigan Wolverines Wednesday to the 49th annual Lawry's Beef Bowl.
One of the highlights of the Rose Bowl week festivities is the Lawry's, the Prime Rib, Beef Bowl. This is a Rose Bowl tradition that dates back 49 years, and the Michigan Wolverines have participated in more Beef Bowls than any other Big Ten team, 16 in all, including Wednesday night. Michigan improved its Beef Bowl record to 13-3 with a convincing 630-540 win, by weight, over the University of Texas Longhorns. Texas visited Lawry's on Tuesday.

Lawry's Chairman, Richard N. Frank, let everyone in attendance know the meat being served was not from a certain mascot. "I can assure you this beef in not from Bevo." Frank said. Bevo, a longhorn steer, is the Texas mascot.

This years intake pales in comparison to the hurt Michigan put on USC at last year's Beef Bowl. The Wolverines powered down a massive 731 pounds of prime rib. However, the Trojans made the Wolverines pay for the culinary embarrassment by winning the Rose Bowl game 28-14.

Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr talks to his players before the prime rib is served.
The winner of the Beef Bowl has gone on to win the Rose Bowl 34 times in the last 48 years. The last team to win both was Oklahoma in 2003, according to Todd Erickson of Lawry's. The Sooners took care of Washington State in both contests.

As they did last year, the team arrived in two tour buses with police escort and was greeted by the Pasadena City College band and a lineup of Lawry's staff along a red carpet. All players and coaches were decked out in suits and ties, and were immediately led to the large dining area. Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr, wide receiver Braylon Edwards and cornerback Marlin Jackson spoke briefly to the media before dinner was served, then it was down to business.

Michigan running back Mike Hart pours dressing on the spinning salad during the 49th annual Lawry's, the Prime Rib, Beef Bowl.
The first course is the world-famous spinning salad. Players are instructed on how to raise the dressing and pour it into a spinning bowl filled with greens. Then the delight of the night is brought out. This evening's prime rib was served with mashed potatoes and sweetened cream corn. A dessert of apple pie a la mode finished off the night.

Last year, the players were serenaded by the Rose Queen and her court, followed by several players crooning. This year there was no singing and players were a bit more subdued. "I actually like it better this year," cornerback Leon Hall said. "We're more focused on the game itself."

One event added to this years event was the tossing of the loaf. Michigan quarterback Chad Henne passed a large loaf of bread to wide-receiver Braylon Edwards as Rose Queen Ashley Moreno from La Canada High School cheered them on.

Michigan players eat under the new Rose Bowl trophy.
The event lasted about two hours. Also on hand was the new Rose Bowl trophy, which will be awarded for the first time to the victor in this year's game.

GBW will have more photos and comments from the Beef Bowl later this week.

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