Baby Blues: Henne & Hart On The Rose Bowl

After three days of press conferences with the Michigan veterans, Michigan brought out their Fab Frosh for just a few minutes with the press.<br><br> Here's what <b>Chad Henne and Mike Hart</b> had to say.<br>

Michigan quarterback Chad Henne
Quarterback Chad Henne

On whether he 'felt' like a freshman on the field this year: "For the first three games I did ... then I realized I had to do a lot more preparation, and tings got better once I did."

On whether the Michigan coaches treated him with kid gloves this year: "They never babied me. They never yelled at me, but they have pushed me real hard to be able to do the job from day one."

On the Texas defense: "The main thing is, they're fast! They don't blitz that much, because they don't have to. We'll be throwing a lot of quick passes to avoid their rush."

Running back Mike Hart

On whether any of the older Michigan players took him under their wing: "Yeah, Braylon Edwards. Braylon took me under his wing ... and for this game he impressed upon me that we are coming out here to WIN."

Michigan running back Mike Hart.
"I haven't done much out here, I haven't gone out much ... I've pretty much stayed inside and prepared."

On Kevin Grady: "One thing is -- I'm TALLER than he is! He's 5-8, I'm 5-9!"
"I've been teasing him a lot. He's a great kid and he is going to be a great player here."

On how the older running backs have treated him: "Tim Bracken and David Underwood have taught me a lot. They have both been honest with me."Mic
On whether he was worried when he became the starter over them? "A little at first, but they've been great."

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