Past and Present: Head Coaches Talk

The Present: Texas Head Coach <b>Mack Brown</b> and Michigan Headman <b>Lloyd Carr</b>.<br><br> The Past: <b>Bo Schembechler and Darrell Royal</b>.<br><br> All were at the Home Depot Center (the Rose Bowl practice facility) for Media Day today (Thursday).<br><br> Plus from Carr and <b>Vincent Young</b>: is the U-M defense slow?<br>

Texas Head Coach Mack Brown

"We've had better practices here than at home. We've accomplished a lot. We've got things where we want them."

On taking advantage of Freshmen Chad Henne and Mike Hart: "They aren't freshmen any longer. They're great players."

On Texas-Michigan playing in the Rose Bowl: "Keith Jackson told our team that the football world has been tcheated for many years because Texas and Michigan have never played."

Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr

"It'll take our best game to be successful."

"We've responded well to the challenge."

On the Texas offense: "We haven't seen a team with a great tailback AND a great running quarterback."

On the Texas Defense: "What they've done is basicall eliminated the big play."

On Jason Avant: "He's disappointed that he won't be able to play. He worked hard to try to be ready. And a guy only gets so many chances to play in the Rose Bowl."

On Michigan being slower than Texas: "We hear that every year when we play a Southern team in a bowl game. I guess we'll see, won't we."

Texas QB Vincent Young on Michigan's 'lack of speed':

"Those guys aren't slow -- they are great athletes. Jackson, Shazor, Watson ..."

"They just things a little different -- they like to bull rush. Watson likes to man-child guys with the bull rush. But they're not slow!"

Bo Schembechler and Darrell Royal

On why they never played:

Royal: "We both had a loaded boat."
Bo: "Texas was playing Oklahoma pre-conference, we were playing Notre Dame."

On the 1969 season:

Bo: "Woody always said that was his best team, and that I would never have a bigger win ... he was right."
Royal: "And Michigan knocking off Ohio State that year moved Texas to #1 in the polls!"

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