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Head Coaches One Last Time (Fri Pre-Game Presser)

First up: <b>Texas Coach Mack Brown</b><br><br> Finally: <b>Michigan Head Man Lloyd Carr</b><br><br> The last words from both! Including <b>Carr on</b> the Texas Zone Read offense.<br> <p><strong><font size="3">***Photos Added***</font></strong></p>

Coach Brown:

"We've outscored opponents 105 to 3 in the 3rd quarter this year. This team has been able to overcome adversity. Look at OSU when they won the National Championship a couple years ago, they won 5 games by a hand full of points ... really good teams win the close games."

"These have been the best practices we've ever had for bowl preparation. When it's been time to focus in prectice they've done that."

"Look at Michigan. They're a lot like Texas: they're physical, they like to run the football."
"It's amazing what they've been able to do with freshman quarterback."
"They have a great ovvenseive line and tight ends, and the best group of wide receivers in the country."

"They have a nose guard who's 360 lbs. ... we have an offensive center (Jayson Glynn) who's 270."

"They have great cornerbacks that'll bump you all over the field. With our young wide receivers ... it'll be hard to get the ball down field again Marlin Jackson and those guys."

"It's amazing to see the consistancy over 10 years that Carr has accomplished."

"As Coach Darrell Royal said yesterday, now it's time to play the game."

"And as Keith Jackson said yesterday ... football world has been cheated for 112 years ... no better than the Rose for that to happen. You can't have a more traditional matchup than these two teams."

"The life span of this Texas team is about over ... I told them, we'll never have this same team again. This is THE last game. What you leave this game with is one of things you'll be remembered for."

"Texas WILL win a National Championship! I said it the day I took the job. Thats our goal. My wife says I should stop saying it, but I won't."


Coach Carr

On Jason Avant:
"Jason Avant will not dress for the game."

On Bo Schembechler:
"He started out as my boss, became my mentor, and has become a great friend. I saw him many times refuse to compromise his values." "He's a fierce competitor, and transferred that to his players and coaches." "And he approached everyting about the game from integrity ... within the rules and within the spirit of the rules." "We owe him a debt of gratitude -- he won within the rules." On facing the Zone Read offense (the name given to Texas' offense):
"In a bowl game you have more time to prepare ... we have the opportunity to do some things. But we wont give them anything they haven't seen this year."
"They are very patient with running game, they are confident in it. With Texas it starts with the run and ends with the run."
"The problem is -- when you bring the 8th man down into the box, you give Young oportunities down the field. If he breaks contain, there are big holes in our zone downfield ... plus we are forced in man coverage to cover for a long time."

On the mood of the U-M team this year versus last year:
"A lot has been written about last year's game. We of course were disappointed in the results. But, that was a great team we ran up against."
"That said, coming off a game like that, and this year returning with 3/4 of the players ... they remember the disappointment."
"And then this year we're coming off a season-ending loss besides."
"So the motivation has been there to get better. And therefore the concentration has been better."

On what Chad Henne is doing better now:
"He's getting down to his 2nd and 3rd reads better; earlier in the season he came off his 1st read too fast. So his pocket presence is better."
"And our offense is complex in amount of communication that has to be done in the huddle. Earlier in the season, at times there were big problems in parts of games where there was an opportunity but we weren't able to communicate things effectively. That's where his greatest improvement has been."

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