Coach Carr's Post-game Presser (Full Transcript)

The complete transcript of Coach Carr's postgame comments after the 38-37 defeat at the hands of the Texas Longhorns.<br>

Opening Statement:

"I think you give Texas, especially Vince Young, credit. I think we did a lot of great things in that game. In the kicking game I thought we did a good of job as we have done all season long. I think offensively we played well enough. Although we did have a couple of opportunities that we let get away, particularly early in the game in the first half. But defensively we missed too many tackles. You score 37 points and it should be enough, but it wasn't and you give Texas credit for that. We don't have any excuses. We are disappointed, as you might imagine."

On Steve Breaston's performance:

"Well I thought we did a tremendous job. Our kickoff return team gave us great field position all day long and I think the credit goes to a lot of those guys who opened the holes. Of course, Steve is a great athlete, as you saw on the pass in the third quarter that he made into a touchdown. He is a great athlete, but it was a team effort and certainly provided us great field position."

On Vincent Young being tough to tackle:

"Well I think that if you saw the game it was obvious that he is difficult to tackle, although I thought there were too many times where we should've had him and should have gotten him to the ground and weren't able to do so. There are two ways to look at that. You can choose either."

On if he considered using Michigan's final two timeouts earlier in Texas' final drive of the game:


On why he didn't consider using them:

"Because we wanted to save them in case we got the ball back."

On Braylon Edwards:

"I think he has had an All-American year. I think that there is no question he is one of those guys that deserved all of the awards that he won. He was a great football player on the field. He was a great leader on our team. The thing I am very very proud of, and I had nothing to do with it, but he has been a great person off the field. He has been a great representative of the University of Michigan, and that goes back since the day he came here."

On if he was more amazed by Vincent Young or more disappointed in his defense:

"Well I'm disappointed in losing and I'm disappointed in the tackling."

On if he thought going into the game that it had a chance of being a shootout:

"Well I think we felt comfortable and confident that we could score points. I think anytime you create great field position for yourself in the kicking game, you've got a chance to score a lot of points. We felt comfortable that we would. With the amount of time you have to prepare for a bowl game, you do have an opportunity to really work hard on the kicking game. I think Texas did a good job. They had a few good returns in there. But I do think we felt like we could put points on the board."

On Chad Henne and Mike Hart:

"I haven't seen any statistics yet, but I think both of them played very well. When you consider two freshman kids…Michael Hart had one turnover this season. That is an amazing thing. Chad Henne came into this game as true freshman and had four touchdown passes and no interceptions. He certainly gave his team a chance to win."

On Lamarr Woodley:

"Because of his presence as a great football player at this stage, I think he has a wonderful future. He has learned what to do and he has a real passion to play the game. He has a type of intensity, emotion, and he is a guy whose motor is always running. And he has wonderful athletic ability. There is nothing but great things ahead of him."

On if the youth of his team bodes well for the future:

"I think we have to play better defense and that's something that obviously we need to address in the offseason. I think we've got a lot of outstanding players…a lot of guys that have the ability to do great things but you can't win championships if you don't play good defense. "

On if he appreciates what a classic and thrilling game it was for fans:

"I think it's all great for fans, but as a coach or player…when you lose it doesn't matter."

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