Sharp West Clobbers The East In U.S. Army Game

All week GoBlueWolverine could see it coming as it went daily to the East and West Teams' practices.<br><br> The West team was looking exceptionally sharp in practice, while the East was undergoing quarterback squabbles.<br><br> However, the Game MVP was a surprise even to GBW. And the East's Wolverine recruits play surprisingly well on the defensive line.<br><br> Read on for all U.S. Army Game coverage.<br>

The Game MVP: wideout DeSean Jackson from Long Beach, Calif., Poly. The Desmond-Howard-looking DeSean looked good-not-great the times GBW had seen him, both during this past week's practices and at the West Coast Nike Camps back in the spring. But he turned it on big-time in the game yesterday -- he even had the major GOOF of the game!

West quarterback Mark Sanchez was probably the next most impressive performer in the game.

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Meanwhile, on the East team, there were quarterback problems all week and two of the three East QB's (the non-starters ... Greg Paulus started) ended up disgruntled and threatening to pull out of the game.

The one bright spot for the East: their defensive line, which, when Melvin Alaeze and Michigan recruits Marcus Slocum and James McKinney were in the lineup together, dominated the line of scrimmage. Read GoBlueWolverine's report on the DL pair.

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