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Army Game: U-M Recruits Play Well, Talk Recruiting

<b>Marques Slocum</b>, <b>James McKinney</b>, <b>Zoltan Mesko</b> and <b>Matthew Waldron</b>: the final word on their performance in the U.S. Army Game;<br><br> and the final words from them on their play, and their recruitment.<br><br> (Note: see photos of the three on Don Hoekwater's "Photos from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl")<br>

The East team's defense played best when, on their defensive front, they had Melvin Alayeze, Marques Slocum and James McKinney in the lineup (with any 4th DL in their 4-3 front) at the same time.

After the game, McKinney said, "The coaches had me playing both defensive end and defensive tackle. When I was at end I was comfortable and did well -- I had several quarterback hurries. But at defensive tackle -- I'd never played there before. I'd never seen the double teams that the tackles have to face. That was harder for me."

McKinney added, "I thought I played well, and showed people that I can play defensive tackle!" Marques was still upset about the outcome of the game when we talked to him, but as far as his own performance is concerned -- his words were an understatement. We considered Slocum's performance as the best D-line play of the game, along with Alayeze. And the East coaches agreed with our assessment, as they played Marques for almost 100% of the defensive snaps, the most of any defensive player in the game. Slocum showed great quickness for a 6-5, 300 pounder, and he pushed back his double-teaming OL opponents all day.

Regarding their recruitment:

Slocum told GoBlueWolverine, "I've had my in-home visits from Coach Carr and Coach Smith (of MSU). But assistants from both schools will be on my home on Monday, first Michigan State, then Coach Sheridan from Michigan." Marques will announce his decision on Wednesday at a press conference at his school, Philadelphia West Catholic. Note: GoBlueWolverine remains cautiously optimistic regarding Slocum.

McKinney told us, "I'm going to take one more visit, next weekend. It'll be either to Oklahoma or Florida. Then I'll make my decision the week after that." As far as in-homes he said, "Coach Carr will be at my home on Tuesday." Note: GoBlueWolverine is also cautiously optimistic regarding McKinney, although with a visit still 'out there' anything can happen.


A note regarding East punter and Michigan commitment Zoltan Mesko. Zoltan's punting was good-not-great in the game. The reason? "They suddenly came out with a completely different ball for the game. I thought I was kicking with the game ball all week, but I wasn't. So the new ball threw me off just slightly."


Regarding East placekicker Matthew Waldron. Waldron told us after the game that Florida would be deciding soon whether to offer him a scholarship ... he reiterated that he'd walk on at Michigan if no scholarship offer was forthcoming.

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