Slocum Tells GBW: Decision Time At Hand (w/Photos)

<strong>Marques Slocum</strong> eliminated any doubt about whether he is one of the top defensive lineman in the country with his performance in Saturday&#8217;s Army All American Bowl. <br><br> The only question that remains about his game is where he&#8217;ll be playing it the next four years.<br>

Last weekend’s Army All-American Bowl was again a showcase for some of the nation’s best prep talent. The skill players at these exhibitions generally receive most of the accolades, but sometimes the young men in the trenches shine just as bright. That was certainly the case for Philadelphia West Catholic’s Marques Slocum. The imposing lineman made his presence felt, defeating double teams and wreaking havoc all day long. He was one of the few bright spots for the East team.

After the game Marques took the time to share what he has planned for the last few days leading up to his Wednesday announcement. As has been mentioned previously, the four-star lineman has narrowed the field to Michigan and Michigan State. Both teams are poised to make their final pitch. “On Monday Michigan State is coming at about 7:00 and then Michigan is coming after that. All Monday night and Tuesday is going to be my thinking period. Then I’ll get with my coach on Tuesday and make my final decision. Everything that went on during the recruiting process will factor into it.”

Slocum (in black uniform, #75) in action.

Slocum’s primary recruiters from each institution, Coach Sheridan from Michigan and Coach Stoutland from Michigan State, will be making the final in-homes. Key amongst their discussions will likely be the decision criteria that Marques spoke about with GBW. “Academics will definitely be key,” Slocum said in response to the factors he will be looking closely at down the stretch. “Football is another key and so is how comfortable I feel at the school. It has to be a place where I feel like it’s home.”

Another consideration will be the opportunity he has to get on the field early in his career. Both schools have assured him that he would get that chance and he believes that he can earn time at either place. “I definitely want to play right away,” Slocum said. “If at one school I have to battle more, it’s just going to be a better challenge. I’m willing to go over a roadblock."

One of the people he will surely seek counsel from is West Catholic assistant Will Cooper. The former Temple Owl played college football and has been one of the Central figures advising him on how to handle his recruitment. Marques made special mention of just how helpful Coach Cooper has been to him. “He is the one that has basically done everything for me,” Slocum said. “He did all the research for me and got all of the stats down. He looked through the books and the depth charts seeing if I could come in and play. He basically did everything for me.”

One thing that Coach Cooper will not do for Marques is pick a school. Both Wolverine and Spartan fans will have to wait for the young man to do that himself at his press conference on Wednesday.

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