Football Recruiting: It's Marques Slocum Day

Top 100 Defensive lineman <b>Marques Slocum</b> from Philadelphia West Catholic is announcing his college decision at 1 PM EST Today.<br><br> GoBlueWolverine will be there of course! And Michigan fans may want to stay close on this one!<br><br> <b>+++++++++++++++++++++</b><br><br> Also, all the latest on <b>ALL</b> senior football recruits.<br>

Marques Slocum. What school will he pick today? We feel that the odds are over 50-50 that it's going to Michigan for him at 1 PM Today. The Top 100 player moved his stock up considerably at the U.S. Army All American Game. His agility-size combo was the best of all OL/DT's in the game. GoBlueWolverine is optimistic that he'll pick U-M over MSU today, although, as always, anything can happen! As we wait for his decision, here are our recent reports on the Big Man:
Last Pre-Decision Report.
Life Story.
Slocum's coach/mentor.
East Team Army Scouting Report.
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James McKinney. As our report today says, Coach Carr visited him yesterday (Tues.). He hasn't yet decided on Fla. visit this weekend. He'll announce Jan. 30 at his team's banquet. We are cautiously optimistic about McKinney.

Nic Harris. He's already made his decision and he'll announce it on Signing Day of course, but the decision will very likely be either U-M or Oklahoma ... LSU is not a possibility it seems. We are cautiously optimistic about Harris.

Will Eugene Germany end up at Michigan? GoBlueWolverine is in daily conversations with the 'players' in this situation. The problem for Michigan could be finding a schollie for Eugene if the above three all pick U-M (our unofficial count says U-M would be exactly full, in fact temporarily 'oversigned by 2', if all three pick U-M). Also, he could not start school at U-M until the fall. Meantime, KSU was in his home Tuesday ... he will take a visit to either KSU this weekend. He cancelled a or San Diego State visit for the weekend, but will take it the next week ... both schools start their winter terms at the end of January so he could start there right away; so we'll know if he picks on of those 2 schools quickly. If not, Oregon State and Washington State COULD sneek into the picture with U-M since those were two of his finalists last year.

Will Lawrence Wilson visit Michigan this weekend? Possibly. But, as with Germany, schollie room for him depends on what Slocum, McKinney and Harris do. He could pick OSU or Notre Dame before the U-M situation settles itself.

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