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Morris & Herzog Comment on Thrilling HS Game

GBW correspondent <strong>Andre Barthwell</strong> conducted a host of interviews after the big game between Grand Blanc (<strong>K'len Morris</strong>) and Flint Powers (<strong>Tom Herzog</strong>) last Friday. Has K'len been working on Tom to get him to Michigan? <p>For those that missed the game report, click <a href=" ">here</a></p>

K'len Morris

What's up K'len? That was a big game tonight. How did you feel?

"I felt great it was a great atmosphere here tonight. It is even better when you win."

It seemed like early on there was no flow to the game. Was it the referees or were you all totally excited about tonight's electric atmosphere and crowd?

"We had great refs. We were just really excited about tonight's game. It was really hyped in here tonight. I think it was more nerves then anything else."

Can you tell me about the conversation that you had with Tom Herzog when you two walked off the court after the game?

"I told him that he played well and this was a good game to play against him in. I also told him that I hope to see him in Maize and Blue in a couple of years. I wanted to make that obvious to him. I had to get my recruiting in with Tom"

Did you notice that Michigan assistant Chuck Swenson was here to see you?

"It was great that he was able to make it out here to see me play. I didn't shoot all that well, but I tried to do everything else that I could. Hopefully he was pleased with my performance."

Can you tell me a little about the performance of your big fella, Rutgers commitment, Zach Gibson? He had an outstanding game in his match up against Tom Herzog.

"Oh he played great! I have all the confidence in the world in Zach. I know what kind of competitor he is and Zach is like my brother, so I knew he was going to come out and do his thing. I wasn't worried about him at all."

Grand Blanc Coach Matt Shanafelt

There seemed to be a lot of fouls being called. Did that affect the flow of the game?

"It did a little bit. I always want it to be decided on the floor. Let the kids play. These were two very talented that really got after it tonight. I like a low foul game. Let them play the game. But I thought the referees did a tremendous job. If there was a bad foul here or a bad call there, the kids shrugged it off and played their game. They didn't get too high or too low."

Can you talk about the match up tonight that everyone came to see between Zach Gibson and Tom Herzog?

"It was a great match up! Two of the best big men in the state. They both showed that they are going to be reckoned with. Tom did some incredible damage around the basket, but Zach was really aggressive. He took it to Tom and didn't back down. Zach is a special player. He can step out and hit that 15 footer. He has the outside game of a small forward and the inside game of a center."

Tom Herzog

How did you think you did tonight?

"Well, I played ok. I was trying to score down low but I kept on getting the ball too far from the rim. That's something I needed to do better…get better position."

How was it playing against Zach Gibson tonight?

"I felt very good playing against Zach. I thought there were some things I could do against him like scoring down low and rebounding."

You recently went up to the University of Michigan to a game. What was that like?

"I really enjoyed myself at the game I had a chance to see the players and talk to the coaches it was nice."

Zach Gibson

How do you feel about your performance against Tom Herzog?

"I think I played well tonight. I had to take it to him and not just shoot jumpers. We played well tonight as a team and got the victory."

I noticed you were not allowing Tom to get post position?

"I had to front him and stay on him all the time. He is big and he can score on dunks and lay-ups so I tried to keep him away from the basket."

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