Tim McAvoy on Michigan Visit, and his Injury

Michigan offensive lineman commitment <b>Tim McAvoy</b> returned from his official visit to Michigan with glowing comments on his new home. <br><br> McAvoy recently had surgery on his neck. He updated his situation with his rehab, and how it will affect his future play. <br>

Offensive lineman Tim McAvoy from Bloomington, Ill., High School received a scholarship offer from Michigan last August, he didn't take long to make his decision. "I received the offer on Friday, thought about it for a day and called to accept on Saturday," McAvoy told GoBlueWolverine Magazine when announcing his commitment. This past weekend McAvoy took his official visit to the Ann Arbor campus. "I got to see as lot more of the school than before," he said. "I had two hosts while I was there; Brett Gallimore was my host the first day, and Jeremy Ciulla was my host the second day."

McAvoy has still been hearing from other schools since his commitment. "When they call I just politely tell them I've made my decision and there is now way ... I'm going to change my mind."

McAvoy said he wants to major in architecture, and had a chance to look at the program while on the visit. He said he was very impressed. Other events included taking in a pair of Michigan hockey games. "That is a unique place," McAvoy said of Yost Ice Arena. "I really liked the chants, which I can't repeat for a magazine."

McAvoy had surgery in December to repair a disk in his neck. He said the topic of his recovery came up in discussions with Michigan coach Ansy Moeller. "The doctors told me I would recover 100-percent," he said. "Coach Moeller was happy to hear that. I haven't felt any pain since the surgery, and I didn't even use any of the pain medication. Coach Moeller said they would take it slow anyway, just to be safe."

McAvoy played tight end for Bloomington, but will move inside when he reports to camp. "Coach Moeller said it would be either guard or tackle," McAvoy said. "It doesn't really matter to me since both positions would be new" (he played tight end in high school).

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