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Legion and Smith Talk Hoops

<p>GBW correspondent Andre Barthwell spoke with Detroit Country Day sophomore <b>Alex Legion</b> and Romulus senior <b>Jerret Smith</b> about their Tuesday night clash (in which DCD prevailed 69-62). Each of the young men enjoyed the meeting. Smith, however, was disappointed in his performance and is looking to bounce back in two big match-ups in the coming days.</p> <p>For those that missed the game story, click <a href="">here</a>.</p>

Alex Legion

How did you feel about your performance last night?

"I thought I played well but I could have played better. I could have made more of my free throws and played better defense."

"I thought Mark Coury [DCD's 6-8 center] played really well. He stepped up and made some big shots and Omar Thomas made some big defensive plays down the stretch. I thought it was a balanced team effort from our whole squad."

You have been telling me about this game since September. How did it feel to finally play it?

"It felt like I was playing at the Inkster Complex all over again. I felt the support from the crowd and it felt good to see all the people I knew come to the game. It was not a personal game between Jerret and me. It was a game between Detroit Country Day and Romulus. I am glad we came out on top."

You and Jerret were talking back and forth during the game. What was that like?

"We were just having fun. It was nothing personal I wanted to guard him and he wanted to guard me. I have been knowing Jerret for a long time so it was just fun going against him."

Jerret Smith

You had a tough game against Country Day. What are your thoughts on that?

"It was a wake up call for me that I have to worry about myself before I start worrying the way others play. I cannot let others dictate the way I play on the floor."

What do you think you could have done better?

"Let the game come to me. Don’t rush it… just let it come."

How did you feel going against Alex Legion?

"It felt like we were back at the complex again just playing ball and having fun. I wish we would have been matched up against each other more. I would have really enjoyed that."

You have a game coming up against Belleville. What are your thoughts?”

"I see this as another tough game this is a bounce back game for us that we need to win to show our character."

Do you feel with the way the game went last year for you that you have something to prove against Belleville?

"Yes. Whatever does not make you weak will make you stronger. That game we lost made me a stronger person and a better player."

Are you ready for this weekend with games against Belleville and Detroit Northwestern?

"This is the weekend I have been waiting for…the kind of basketball I always wanted to play. It is going to be a challenge to play against top players and top teams knowing that we are the underdog. That is even more reason for me to step up and lead my team "

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