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<b>Calif. CBs Chris Richards and Johnny Sears</b>: the latest, and, are THEY the top CB's out there?<br><br> Ky. OL <b>Cory Zirbel</b>.<br><br> La. S <b>Nic Harris</b>.<br><br> Ky. Jumbo Ath. <b>James McKinney</b>.<br><br> Calif. DE <b>Eugene Germany</b>.<br><br> The very latest on ALL of them! With Signing Day next week, it changes DAY to DAY now!<br>

Calif. cornerback Chris Richards: after talking to U-M assistant Ron English last night, Richards immediately got on the phone with GBW and broke the news -- Richards is BACK in the Michigan commitment-fold (he'd visited Cal last weekend and the Bears THOUGHT they had his commitment)! Will he sign for the 2005 U-M class or the 2006 U-M class ... stay tuned as THAT part of the story unfolds.

Calif. CB Johnny Sears. GBW reported yesterday (Friday): a long-time U-M commitment, Sears did make an official visit to Oregon State last weekend, but he is still firmly in the Michigan fold.

Note: With the disappointing (read: BAD) performances of most of the 'famous' CB's in the U.S. Army Game and the week leading up to it (except for Derek Pegues, who U-M had considered a bit short at 5-9 1/2), AND with the GREAT performance of Richards in the CaliFlorida game ... could it be possible that in the end MICHIGAN GOT the best CB's out there? Both Richards and Sears are true 'sleepers' -- Richards because he's over a year young for his class and is just maturing physically, Sears because this was his FIRST year of playing varsity football (he transferred a year ago and had to sit out, then on top of that had appendicitis this past May). GBW has scouted both of these kids extensively -- both are "Naturals" as CB's, and both are 6-0 in height as well.

Ky. offensive lineman Cory Zirbel. Cory took a visit to Kentucky a week ago. But there have been separate in-home visits with Zirbel from BOTH Coach Carr and Coach Moeller in the past week, and Cory has told us he's still solid for U-M. Caveat: GBW has reached the family several times in the past few days, but Cory himself hasn't given an interview in the past 3-4 days, so we will say we BELIEVE this holds true until we talk to Cory again ourselves.

La. S Nic Harris. Michigan and Oklahoma head coaches are in his home this weekend; he will pick between the two on Signing Day ... again he has repeatedly maintained over the past few weeks that he has MADE his pick and will announce it on Signing Day ... GBW is cautiously optimistic that it is U-M for him.

Ky. Jumbo athlete. James McKinney. James is at UK for an unofficial visit. He is down to U-M and Clemson (their head coach in-home this week boosted their stock), with possibly Florida in the mix, and now, maybe, Kentucky?? He will announce his decision ON SIGNING DAY (not Sept. 30th) ... GBW is cautiously optimistic that it is U-M for him. Note: James has been a personable guy to talk to during this recruiting season -- he has been willing to talk and speak his mind, even has things have shifted here and there for him ... we appreciate his willingness to talk and his day-to-day candor!

Calif. defensive lineman Eugene Germany. As of today, it will be either U-M or KSU for him. If he picks KSU he MAY announce it before Signing Day so he can get enrolled and start school this week; if it is U-M it could be a Signing Day (or even day or so after?) announcement (he would not enroll at U-M for the winter).

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