Andre Criswell Discusses Commitment

<p>GoBlueWolverine spoke with Detroit Renaissance TE/DE <strong>Andre Criswell</strong> this morning about his recent commitment to the University of Michigan. The sleeper prospect discussed his recruitment, the reason for his decision, and the impact his late coach, William Hill, had on his life. </p>

When did Michigan offer you a scholarship and how long have they been recruiting you?

"They offered me a scholarship this past weekend. They've been recruiting me for the last month or so."

What coaches have you been in contact with?

"Coach Campbell and Coach Malone have been up to the school a lot. They also saw me at the junior/senior banquet. I talked to Coach Carr this past weekend."

What position did they recruit you for?

"They said I could play a few positions, but they really think I could excel at fullback."

What is your height, weight, and forty time at this point?

"My height is between 6-2 and 6-3 and I weigh 250 pounds. I haven’t run the forty lately so I don't have a time."

How did your season go last year?

"I played defensive end and tight end. At the defensive end spot I had around 75 tackles with eight or nine sacks."

Besides Michigan, what schools had you been hearing from?

"Boston College, Pittsburgh a little bit, Notre Dame, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, and Central Michigan."

Which of those schools had offered you?

"Most of them had."

Why ultimately did you choose Michigan?

"It was a place I always wanted to go. You also have to look at it as a long-term decision. Basically, I was looking for the college that would prepare me for the real world. Michigan has a reputation for having good athletes that get degrees who may never play football again. But they're still successful. They get good jobs and have good lives."

You lost your high school coach William Hill, this year. Talk about what he meant to you as a player and a person.

He was the man. Great coach, great man, and had great character. He was also a great father and a great husband to his wife. To me personally, he was a great father figure, great mentor, great coach…just someone a young man could look up to and say 'I want to be like him.' He just had a great impact on my life. Without him seeking me out to play football, I wouldn't be in this position right now."

You weren't going to play football in high school?

"He turned me in the direction of football. I was thinking about playing, but I really wasn't going towards it. I came into Renaissance as a recruit for basketball you could say. He saw me walking in during the summer enrichment program and noticed my size. He told me I should come out to football practice. He was the one the steered me into a bright future."

GBW will have more on Andre in the Signing Day Issue of GoBlueWolverine the Magazine, which set to mail in early March.

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