Nic Harris Home from Hospital; Ready to Announce

Safety <b>Nic Harris</b> from Alexandria, La., High School was hospitalized last week with pneumonia. He returned home today and is ready to get let the world know where he will attend college. <br><br> GoBlueWolverine Magazine spoke with Harris at home, and he let us know when the announcement will be made, and told of some visitors while he was in the hospital. <br>

Nic Harris has known his college destination for some time. The four-star safety from Alexandria, La., has postponed letting the public know while he keeps a diary for the local Alexandria newspaper. However, things were not about to end smoothly for's No. 14-ranked safety in the country. Saturday, Harris was admitted to the hospital with what at the time was thought to be exhaustion, it turned out to be much more serious. "It is pneumonia," he said. "I've been battling this thing for a couple weeks, and it finally landed me (in the hospital). I'm glad to be home and I feel much better. I'll be home for a couple more days, then I'll go back to school next week."

Along with family and friends, Harris received some visitors during his stay. "Michigan and Oklahoma both came by while I was in the hospital," he said. "They were the only two schools to visit, and the two schools left." Harris originally narrowed down his final list to Michigan, Oklahoma, LSU, Nebraska and Texas A&M.

Harris said he still has not heard from new LSU head coach Les Miles, and LSU is not under consideration. However, he did receive a call this morning. "I spoke with (Michigan) coach Ron English this morning," he said. "The coaches know where I'm going, and I'll announce at 2:30 p.m. Central time tomorrow (Weds)."

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