Signing Day Presser Notes (Part 1)

<p>Coach Carr addressed the media today for his annual signing day press conference. In part 1 he talks about RB <strong>Kevin Grady</strong>, his <strong>defensive line recruits</strong>,<strong> receiver recruits</strong>, and <strong>offensive line recruits</strong>.</p>

For those that missed the presser excerpts regarding injuries and attrition on the current Michigan roster, click here.

Opening Statement

"Well, it's always good to have signing day come and go. Especially when you think you recruited well, and I think we've done that. I think our coaches did a tremendous job. Our players…I always appreciate their efforts and I think when it's all said and done, they have a great deal to do whether you're successful or left with disappointment. The faculty, the staff here, all the people…it's truly a team effort. Hopefully we again recruited the kind of guys that will maintain the great pride we have for Michigan football."

On Kevin Grady:

"Kevin Grady has an uncle named Gene Grady that I've known a long long time, so we had some early introduction to Kevin when he was a 9th grader. I think the most impressive thing about him is East Grand Rapids, for those of you that haven't been there, is one of the most impressive high schools I've been in across the country. They do a great job academically and if you look at what they do athletically. Pat Cwayna, the principal there…his son P.J played here at Michigan. They have a young coach named Peter Stuursma who has done a great job. Everyone in that community had great things to say about Kevin Grady on and off the field. Of course, he had the opportunity to be the first Michigan football player to go to a bowl game that did not practice with the team during the season. Because of the NCAA rules, Kevin was allowed to go to Pasadena with us. He probably got five or six practices out there, and in a short time, everybody was impressed with his ability. He has everything you look for in a back. He's got a chance to really be quite a football player."

On the defensive line recruits:

"I think if there's one area I'm excited about…the area we need some freshman to come in and help us, it's in the defensive line. I think we have three guys that can do that. Marques Slocum out of West Catholic in Philadelphia…Bill Sheridan recruited him. He played in the High School All-American game down in San Antonio. Watching film, he was a guy that we really thought could make a difference here, and I think he will. He's very talented, and has excellent size and strength. Right now, like all these kids, there's great potential. It remains to be seen whether they will have the work ethic, the commitment, and the competitiveness that it takes when they go to the next level. But I certainly think he's one of those guys."

"Terrence Taylor from Muskegon High School, of course, won the state championship. On the day that I had an opportunity to see Terrence, I went to a wrestling match. He's a heavyweight wrestler. I wasn't allowed to talk to Terrence until after his wrestling match, so I was not too excited when his wrestling match ended in eight or nine seconds. I told him that I came up there and I wanted to see him out there for awhile, but he pinned his opponent in about nine seconds… which made my trip a very short one in terms of watching him. But Terrence Taylor certainly possesses the athletic ability to come in and help us next fall."

"James McKinney we recruited as an outside linebacker, and I don't know exactly where he will end up. But he's a guy that can potentially play two ways because he's such a great athlete. He made his decision final. We had some indication in the last few days, but he did announce this morning he was coming to Michigan. We have three guys from the state of Kentucky with Cory Zirbel and Brandon Logan, whose brother we recruited a couple of years ago that ended up going to the University of Kentucky. But we did have a very good year in the state of Kentucky. Certainly McKinney will have a chance to help us early."

On Antonio Bass:

"Well, Antonio is one of the great athletes in recent memory to come out of this state. The thing he brings is wonderful size, athletic ability, he's smart, and he's tough. Anytime you have a guy out of high school that handles the ball every down and also plays on defense, there are a number of places he could play. I think his greatest upside is as a receiver. We will also give him an opportunity to do some things at quarterback. I think there are some ways we can use him as a guy with the football that can help our football team."

On Mario Manningham and Laterryal Savoy:

"Mario Manningham is from Warren Harding High School. I saw him play basketball at Gund Arena a couple of weeks ago on a Friday afternoon and I was extremely impressed. I had seen high school film on him. He's got tremendous burst, tremendous acceleration, and he's a guy I think is going to be a very exciting football player that can make a lot of things happen when he gets the ball. He's a great athlete and an outstanding basketball player. I think he's a guy that will come in and compete."

Laterryal Savoy is a guy, probably 6'4. In watching his high school film, he's a guy who can go up and take the football away. A real playmaker guy. I think all of them [the freshmen receivers] have great upside. The question will be with all of the freshman who come in here…and some of them we do not have plans for playing time this fall because certain positions require more experience than others…the biggest question is how much can they learn in that short training camp we have because you've got to move on. You don't have a lot of time to bring guys along during the season. We will see how they develop, what kind of shape they are in when they get here, and how much time they spend here this summer. That's always an important factor."

On the offensive line recruits:

"I don't envision any of them coming in and starting. I think they'll have an opportunity to have a backup role. We'll just see, again, who comes in and who picks things up the quickest. I think that on the offensive line you have to have guys that are smart. Most of them, from a physical standpoint, are not ready to compete as starters in the Big Ten. Once in awhile you'll have an exception."

"Justin Schifano out of Webster, New York committed very early here. Jim Boccher did a great job getting in on him and I think Justin is a guy that potentially has a great upside. He's over 300 pounds. I've been talking to his high school coach. He feels like he's one of the better lineman to come out of New York in a number of years, so we will just have to see there."

"David Moosman is from Libertyville, Illinois. I really like him. His mother and dad used to take him down to the park and they introduced him to the game of chess. He won a state championship in chess, and as you know, you've got to be very smart to be a good chess player. Of course, I play chess (laughter). I don't win very often, but I love to play. In any right, it's one of those things you learn about a guy. It is a complicated situation up in the offensive line, and David is going to be a good football player here."

"Cory Zirbel is from Murray, Kentucky. His father is a professor there at Murray State University. Jim Herrmann and I had his coach Rick Fisher take us out to have a steak dinner the night I got in there along with his whole staff, which was one of most enjoyable evenings I've had in the last month. Cory is a quite a basketball player. A guy that, again, has the size. Of course he was in our camp, as a number of these guys were."

"Tim McAvoy is a guy that we think is a wonderful athlete. I coached his father Tim when I was in a short stint at the University of Illinois. I didn't coach his father position wise but Tim McAvoy [SR.] is a smart, very, very competitive guy and his son is the same way."

"Mark Ortmann from Houston, Texas is a guy that has tremendous growth potential. I think down the road, there's a wonderful upside to him. He's a wonderful student. He committed on his visit here and his parents were both with him. They were very excited to have him make that decision to come here. That's always important."

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