How the Class Fills Needs: QB's RB's WR's

Rankings Shmankings!<br><br> Who cares if the U-M recruiting class is ranked #2 or #102 ... the REAL question is how does the class help the team -- how does it fill the team's needs?<br><br> GBW looks at the team, and the '05 recruiting class, position by position: first quarterbacks, running backs and wideouts.<br>

(Eligibility as of fall '05)


Leaving: Spencer Brinton

'01 Rec. Class: none
'02 Rec. Class: Matt Gutierrez (RS Jr.)
'03 Rec. Class: Clayton Richard (RS So.)
'04 Rec. Class: Chad Henne

Incoming Freshman: Jason Forcier ('s #8 QB, a 4* prospect, and #38 West prospect).

Comments: Assuming Gutierrez is healthy and Richard sticks with football, U-M's depth chart is solid. However, since neither is a certainty (and Richard, according to Coach Carr, is a 'not likely'), U-M will try hard for another top QB for '06.

Running Backs

Leaving: David Underwood, Tim Bracken, Pierre Rembert

'01 Rec. Class: none
'02 Rec. Class: none
'03 Rec. Class: Jerome Jackson (Jr.)
'04 Rec. Class: Max Martin (So.), Mike Hart (So.)

Incoming Freshman: Kevin Grady ('s #27 prospect, #5 RB and a 5* prospect).

Comments: With Grady, Hart and Martin, U-M has a good stable of young tailbacks.


Leaving: Kevin Dudley

'01 Rec. Class: none
'02 Rec. Class: Brian Thompson (FB,RS Jr.), Obi Oluigbo (FB, RS Jr.)
'03 Rec. Class: none
'04 Rec. Class: Roger Allison (FB, RS Fr.)

Incoming Freshman: - Mister Simpson
- Andre Criswell

Comments: Michigan seems solid here, but with shoulder problems for Allison, there was reason to re-stock in this class (plus, Criswell could also play ILB).

Wide Receivers

Leaving: Jermaine Gonzalez, Braylon Edwards

'01 Rec. Class: none
'02 Rec. Class: Jason Avant (Sr.), Steve Breaston (RS Jr.), Carl Tabb (RS Jr.)
'03 Rec. Class: none
'04 Rec. Class: Adrian Arrington (So.), Doug Dutch (RS Fr.), Morgan Trent (RS Fr. ... to CB?)

Incoming Freshman:
- Antonio Bass ('s #69 prospect, #9 QB and a 4* prospect),
- Mario Manningham ('s #64 prospect, a 4* prospect, and the #3 WR),
- Laterryal Savoy ('s #35 WR and a 4* prospect)

Comments: There are plenty of players here, both vets and rookies. Avant and Breaston are a 'given' for next season - who else will step up?

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