JUNIORS: Jim S' National Top 432! QBs, RBs, WRs

You want juniors? Instate guru Jim S has got 'em!<br> Here's Jim S' top 432 juniors, ranked IN ORDER by position -- with profiles on each incl. U-M interest!<br><br> <A HREF=http://mb7.scout.com/fwolverineinsiderfrm28.showMessage?topicID=50.topic><b>Top 34 Jr QBs</b></a><br> <A HREF=http://mb7.scout.com/fwolverineinsiderfrm28.showMessage?topicID=51.topic><b>Top 77 Jr RBs</b></a><br> <A HREF=http://mb7.scout.com/fwolverineinsiderfrm28.showMessage?topicID=52.topic><

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