How the Class Fills Needs: The OL's and DL's

Rankings Shmankings!<br><br> Who cares if the U-M recruiting class is ranked #2 or #102 ... the REAL question is how does the class help the team -- how does it fill the team's needs?<br><br> GoBlueWolverine looks at the team, and the '05 recruiting class, position by position<br><br> Next up: <b>The Jumbo Guys, Offensive and Defensive Linemen</b>. Michigan signed <i>six</i>.<br>

Offensive Tackles

Leaving: none

'01 Rec. Class: Adam Stenavich (5th)
'02 Rec. Class: Mike Kolodziej (RS Jr.)
'03 Rec. Class: Jake Long (RS So.)
'04 Rec. Class: Alex Mitchell (RS Fr.), Jeremy Ciulla (RS Fr.)

Incoming Freshman:
- Cory Zirbel ('s #51 Southeast prospect, 4*, and their #20 OL)
- Mark Ortmann, (a 3* prospect)
- (and possibly, some day if he moves from DL, Marques Slocum ... see DL)

Comments: This position is now well-stocked as long as the younger guys develop.

Offensive Guards/Centers

Leaving: David Baas

'01 Rec. Class: Matt Lentz (5th), Leo Henige (5th)
'02 Rec. Class: Mark Bihl (RS Jr.), Rueben Riley (RS Jr.)
'03 Rec. Class: Adam Kraus (RS So.), Pat Sharrow (RS So.)
'04 Rec. Class: Brett Gallimore (RS Fr.), G. DeBenedictis (RS Fr.)

Incoming Freshman:
- Justin Schifano, ('s #35 East prospect, 4*, and #16 OL)
- David Moosman, ('s #32 Midwest prospect, 4*, and #17 OL)
- Tim McAvoy ('s #24 Midwest prospect, 4*, and #14 OL)

Comments: Same comment as for offensive tackles: the cupboard is stocked as long as the younger guys develop.

Interior Defensive Line

Leaving: Alex Ofili, Larry Harrison, Chris Rogers

'01 Rec. Class: Patrick Massey (5th)
'02 Rec. Class: Gabriel Watson (Sr.), Rondell Biggs (RS Jr.)
'03 Rec. Class: Will Paul (RS So.)
'04 Rec. Class: Alan Branch (So.), Will Johnson (RS Fr.), Marques Walton (RS Fr.)

Incoming Freshman:
- Terrance Taylor, ('s #17 Midwest prospect, 4*, #15 DT)
- Marques Slocum, ('s #38 Prospect, 5*, #5 DT)
- James McKinney('s #97 Prospect, 4*, #11 DT)

Comments: with starters Massey and Watson leaving after '05, it's a great time for a fairly large group of interior DL's to come in to join the '04 class' group (especially with Will Johnson's knee still somewhat uncertain as well). The incoming kids are top notch, and this position group should be solid for the future.

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