How the Class Fills Needs. CBs, Safeties, Kickers

Rankings Shmankings!<br><br> Who cares if the U-M recruiting class is ranked #2 or #102 ... the REAL question is how does the class help the team -- how does it fill the team's needs?<br><br> GBW looks at the team, and the '05 recruiting class, position by position: <br><br> Next up, the <b>Cornerbacks, Safeties, Kickers</b><br>

(Eligibility is as of fall '05)


Leaving: Marlin Jackson, Markus Curry

'01 Rec. Class: none, but transfer Grant Mason has Sr. eligibility
'02 Rec. Class: Darnell Hood (RS Jr.)
'03 Rec. Class: Leon Hall (Jr.)
'04 Rec. Class: Charles Stewart (RS Fr.)

Incoming Freshman:
- Brandon Harrison ('s #21 Midwest prospect, 4*, #17 CB),
- Johnny Sears ('s #50 West prospect, 3*, #31 CB),
- Chris Richards ('s #31 CB, 3*)

Comments: U-M needs one of Harrison, Sears or Richards to come in and be ready to challenge for the 2-deep for this position group to be solid, and all three kids may be underrated; look for U-M to take 1-2 more CB's in '06.


Leaving: Ernest Shazor

'02 Rec. Class: Willis Barringer (RS Jr.), Jacob Stewart (RS Jr.)
'03 Rec. Class: Ryan Mundy (Jr.), B. Englemon (RS So.)
'04 Rec. Class: Jamar Adams, Keston Cheathem (RS Fr.)

Incoming Freshman: none Comments: the 4th year guys in the group are not potential starters, so it's up the the youngsters to come through; the numbers are okay if they do, but another couple safeties would be timely for the '06 class.

Punting: Adam Finley leaving, Zoltan Mesko (perhaps one of the top 2 HS P's in the country) coming in as a freshman.
Place Kicking: Returning is Garrett Rivas (PK, Jr.)

Comments: U-M has never had more than one P and one P/K on scholarship at a time, meaning they may take NO kickers in '06 ... especially if US Army P/K Matt Waldron walks on in the fall.

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