Tory Jackson Still High on Michigan

<p><strong>Tory Jackson</strong> led his club through a gauntlet of grueling games. Now he's ready to help them go on another championship run. In the process he is hearing from a number of big time schools, but the hometown Wolverines remain very high on his list.</p>

The Saginaw Buena Vista Knights fought through a number of big games this year. GBW was on hand for their losses against Warren DeLaSalle and Saginaw Arthur Hill, but even in defeat, Tory Jackson sees how those contests have benefitted his squad. "I think it helped us," Jackson said of the tough schedule. "We actually became a team. We're all together now. We got better. I think we're ready to make another run at the championship."

In the meantime, there have been a number of coaches making a trip to Saginaw to watch the star guard in action. There were reportedly up to ten coaches the stands for the game against Arthur Hill, including Michigan's Charles Ramsey, Kansas' Kurt Townsend, and an assistant from the University of Miami. Jackson has obviously become a hot commodity for a number of programs, but there are a few that stick out right now.

"Miami is recruiting me hard," Jackson said. "Michigan is recruiting me hard. Florida is recruiting me hard. Kansas just came into the picture. Those are the main ones."

Jackson, who rebounded from the loss to Arthur Hill with a 32 point performance in a 70-65 win over Saginaw Nouvel Friday night, made it down to Ann Arbor last month to watch the game against Wisconsin. He was set to return to Crisler Arena Tuesday evening for the Illinois game, but was unable to attend. Had he made it down, he would have surely heard more of the very clear message that Coach Amaker delivered to him on his previous trip.

"He told me that I had to get down there…QUICK," Jackson said. "He talked to me a little bit how they play and how they like to run up and down the floor. That's how they want it, but they can't really get it like right now because their team isn't fully equipped for it."

While the recent losing streak at Michigan has gotten Jackson's attention, it has done little to shake their standing in his eyes. "Stuff like that happens," Jackson said of the players missing form the lineup and the recent losses. "I see that Coach Amaker is actually trying. When he has his team together, they run through people…but he has had some bumps and bruises this year. I think that once he gets his team back together, they'll be the team to beat. They've done some amazing stuff before."

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