Justin Boren Talks about Junior Day

Offensive lineman <b>Justin Boren</b> has been to Ann Arbor many times. His father, Mike, played for Bo Schembechler in the early 80's, and the younger Boren has spent many a fall Saturday afternoon in Michigan Stadium. Will he join his father as a Wolverine? One big step towards that possibility occurred over the Junior Day weekend, and Boren talked with GoBlueWolverine Magazine about the visit. <br>

Offensive lineman Justin Boren of Pickerington, Ohio North High School knows first hand the intensity of the Michigan - Ohio State rivalry. His father, Mike Boren, played linebacker for the Wolverines in the early 1980s, and the Boren family now resides just outside of Columbus - the home of Ohio State University.

Justin now has a chance to join his father, yet the rivalry is alive in well in the Boren house. "(Michigan) coach Lloyd Carr offered me a scholarship on Friday," Boren said. "I didn't commit because I want to take my time and check out some other places. Michigan and Ohio State are the top two schools in my list." Boren already has an offer from OSU.

The 6-foot-3, 275-pound Boren was in Ann Arbor Sunday for Michigan's Junior Day. While he has been on campus many times, along with the offer there were some other things he was able to see during the visit. "I went up there with my dad and 13-year-old brother," Boren said. "I got to see some of the medical facilities, where they take care of you if you get injured," he said. "It was pretty impressive."

Michigan brought in a wealth of offensive line talent in the Class of 2005, and the subject of depth came up during the visit. "I got to talk to coach (Andy) Moeller for a long time," Boren said. "I got the impression I was the only interior lineman they were recruiting. Of course I would red-shirt my first year, I think they do that with all their lineman. I also talked to coach Carr for a long time." Boren said he also spent time with Michigan strength and conditioning coach Mike Gittleson.

Boren told GBW earlier that he planned on graduating early. As such, a decision will come before Signing Day 2006, and Boren said he would still check out his options. "Something might come up that impresses me more then the other schools," he said. "I just want to make sure I make the right choice. My family is behind me no matter what I decide."

Another visit to Ann Arbor will come soon. "I'm going up for a spring practice," he said. "That way I'll get to talk more to some of the players. I didn't see any players on Junior Day and it would be fun to hang out with them." Boren said he also plans on visiting OSU during one of their spring practices.

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