Jr. Day Follow-up: If Signing Day Were Today: DEF.

First off: there are <i>eleven</i> scholarships available at this moment for the 2005-06 recruiting class.<br><br> Secondly, we see the kids who made it in for Junior Day Sunday, plus who got offered, etc.<br><br> So, IF Signing Day WERE today, what would the class look like?<br><br> Here is the <b>DEFENSE</b><br><br> It's not just an academic exercise; probably 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the class will come from this group of kids.<br><br> Included are comments on Jr. Day visitors.<br>

The Need: 1?
Outlook: U-M has loaded up here in the past 2 seasons, but there are a couple prominent DT's who likes U-M so we put them on this list:

Perhaps close to offers (and U-M reportedly leads for both)?:

Jason Kates DL/OL 6'4 315 4,90 Harrisburg Bishop McDevitt Pennsylvania. Jim S' #5 DL.

Tony Reed 6'3 275 4,80 Warren Harding Ohio. Jim S' #10 DL.

The need: 2 ILB's, 2 OLB's
The outlook: Landing ILB Brandon Graham at Junior Day was a great start. And there look to be enought U-M LB recruits this year - finally!

Already received early offers:

Committed at Junior Day: 4 Brandon Graham LB 6'1 235 4,40 Detroit Crockett Michigan. Jim S' #4 LB.

U-M Leads for: Jeremiha Hunter LB/RB 6'1.5 199 4.50 Harrisburg Bishop McDevitt Pennsylvania. Jim S' #3 LB. Hunter was aoffered at the 2004 U-M Camp. Many other schools are jumping in with offers fast for Hunter, but we believe U-M is still in a strong position. As a junior he ran for 1,022 yards and 19 touchdowns.

Micah Johnson DL/LB 6'2 277 4.70 Fort Campbell Kentucky. Jim S' #2 DL but will play LB if he can keep his weight down.

Dorin Dickerson LB/RB/WR 6'1 195 4,60 Imperial West Allegheny Pennsylvania. Jim S' #14 LB lists U-M and Pitt as his favs.

May receive offers:

Attended Junior Day: Cobrani Mixon 6-2 206 Cincinnati Colerain Ohio. Colerain has been good to U-M (BJ Askew and Mister Simpson), and Mixon is a good looking kid who was getting strong attention at Junior Day. Look for him at the U-M Camp ... remember that's where Simpson got his U-M offer.

Attended Junior Day: A.J. Edds LB/TE 6'2.5 200 4.70 Greenwood Indiana. Jim S' #19 LB. Edds is not his listed 6-4, 215 ... he is a slender LB with a lot of potential. He attended a U-M game last fall. As a junior he had 4 interceptions, 3 sacks, 10 tackles for loss.

Attended Junior Day: Mike Morrissey LB 6'2 205 Lincolnshire Stevenson Illinois. Jim S' #28 LB. He got a lot of attention at Junior Day .. but his dad was a Spartan.

Greg Webster LB 6'3 225 4,50 Pittsburgh Woodland Hills Pennsylvania. Jim S' #36 LB.

The need: 2 CB's, 2 S'
The outlook: Like last year, the top kids are generally out of the Midwest, so the battle for U-M DB's will be a tough one.

Already received early offers:

Myron Rolle DB 6'2 210 4,53 Princeton The Hun School New Jersey. He wants to try CB but is probably a S. He was a '04 Camper. Jim S' #1 DB.

DeMarco Murray RB/DB 6'0 185 4.49 Las Vegas Bishop Gorman Nevada. He could play CB or S in college. Jim S' #5 RB.

Taylor Mays DB 6'3 210 4.40 Seattle O'Dea Washington Mays.If his stats are accurate he seems likes a S prospect. Jim S' #11 DB.

A.J. Wallace DB/RB 6'1 195 4.37 Pomfret McDonough Maryland. Jim S' #24 DB.

May be on the verge of an offer:

U-M the fav: Darrin Walls CB 6'1 185 4.37 Pittsburgh Woodland Hills Pennsylvania. Jim S' #3 DB.

James Aldridge DB/RB 6'1 215 4.50 Merrillville Indiana. Jim S' #15 DB.

Junior Day Attendee: Derek Brighton CB 6'0 175 4.50 Allen Park Michigan. The slender prospect is the top instate CB, but his brother plays for MSU. Jim S' #41 DB.


Overall needs totals:

Quarterback: 1
Tight End: 1
Offensive Line: 1 or 2
Defensive tackle: 1
Defensive end?outside linebackers; 2
Inside LInebacker: 2
Safety: 2
Cornerback: 2
Overall: 12-13 (see how tight this is!)

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