Minnesota Athlete Royston Draws Big Ten Interest

<p>Minnesota Cretin Derham Hall athlete <strong>Kimuel Royston</strong>, Jim S' #32 DB, is considered to be one of top prospects in the Gopher state for the class of 2006. GBW spoke to CDH coach Mike Scanlan recently about one of the latest in the long line of good players to play in his storied program. He also filled us in on another prospect that they Wolverines may be after.</p>

How did your season go last year?

"We got to the state quarterfinals. We were 8-4, which is down for us a little bit. We lost to our state champion and we lost to the Louisiana state champion when we played down there. We play good football."

Tell me a little about Kimuel Royston, the player.

"Last year he started on both sides of the ball. He has been offered by Minnesota already. I project him on the defensive side of the ball even though he is good on both sides. He is a pretty good cover corner. Pretty physical. He made a big impact in the Minnesota camp last year, which I think got him noticed quite a bit. He has grown some. He is probably 6-1 now…probably 175-180-lbs. He had a nice year for us last year. He will be a three year starter when it is all said and done."

"He is a physical guy. He is intense and is a real competitor. He did a lot of good things for us. He ran kicks back as well. He is a great athlete and has good instincts."

What is his forty time?

"I couldn't even tell you. We mark our own field at this school, so it could be 38 yards and it could be 41 yards (laughing). So, I'm not going to give you a time. But he can run pretty good. We had two kids play division 1 last year and we've had five in the NFL, so our program has done pretty good."

What is he like off of the field?

"Nice young man. Polite. Does what is expected of him. He is a good person. Generally when they hang around and play for us, they are good people. We never have had anyone embarrass school and almost all of them have been contributors to their program."

Does he play any other sports?

"He is playing basketball now. I don't know if he is going to run track or play baseball. He is a three sport guy and is very good athletically."

Does he have any offers besides the one from Minnesota?

"Not at this point."

Has he visited any other schools?

"I believe he went to junior day at Iowa and I believe he went to junior day at Wisconsin as well."

Has Michigan shown interest?

"Yes, but everything is very basic at this point. Terry Malone will come here and take a look at him when they can come through and recruit. Michigan likes to have people come to camp and that will probably big a big factor in their decision. We've got a big lineman that has four offers already that I think Michigan likes a little bit too. (Matt Carufel). We'll see."

Do you know what his summer visit or camping plans are?

"I'm not sure. I'm supposed to meet with him and his parents soon to talk about this whole process."

What do you think will be the most significant factors in his choice?

"We try to school them on making sure they talk to position coaches. Make sure they know who is going to be coaching them. I've got a worksheet that is about five pages long that helps them. What I found out in my time is, it is basically a gut feeling. A kid goes to campus, meets the staff, and says this is where I want to be. I think when it is all said and done ... it becomes that simple. "

"We had a young man this year that wound up at Iowa. (Rafael Eubanks). He loved it. He had offers from Tennessee, Notre Dame and Oklahoma, but he just fell in love with Iowa and their staff. He is a big center, so that might have something to do with it. So that is what I think it comes down to. Spending the time, doing your homework in getting to know the people and the type of campus and then making the decision."

Does he have a top list of schools at this point?

"It is still too early. I think he is open to listening. I think he is realistic. We talked about it and he knows Florida is not going to come up here for a wideout or d-back. Certainly some of the other schools will look locally. He just wants to find out more about the places."

GBW will keep tabs on Royston's recruitment.

(Ed. Note: Royston was expected to be one of the attendees are Michigan's Junior Day, but he was going to fly into Detroit late Saturday night, and that weekend's snow storm messed up the flights from Minneapolis.)

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