Markus Curry: Combine Draft Outlook

GoBlueWolverine correspondent Josh Turel presents another NFL Combine report -- this time on Wolverine cornerback <b>Markus Curry.</b>

Markus Curry Cornerback
5'11, 181

Combine 40s: 4.62, 4.55

Positives: Is best when playing up at the line, plays physical and can jam a decent amount of receivers. Has good athletic ability, I don't buy into his high 40 times that much, though he's not a blazer his playing speed is decent. Has experience, played a role in Michigan's defense for three years. Does a respectable job against the run and is a adequate tackler. Has a decent frame, and can fill out and move to safety if a team wanted to move him there. Has above average ball skills, caught all of the balls thrown his way at the combine (one of the few that could catch at all). Has good agility, had solid pedal and side to side agility test at the combine. Was one of the state's all time best return men in high school.

Negatives: Played very poorly his senior season and lost his job to Leon Hall. Mental skills and reading ability collapsed his final year. Gets turned around by double moves, though he has decent recovery speed, and he doesn't locate the ball in the air at all and looks lost when turning and running with receivers. Draws way too many flags and most of them are downfield. Over aggressive at times and leaves himself open to getting beat. Lets receivers get too much separation on him. Not a Marlin Jackson type that can jam just about any receiver, bigger receivers can beat his press. Has had off the field issues, and durability problems his senior year. Poor in zone coverage, lacks reading ability and is too aggressive. All star game showing hurt him and reaffirmed all of his negatives.

Overall: Talk about a disaster in terms of draft stock. Pre 2004 season Markus had a legit NFL shot ahead of him; that may not be the case now. Though he will make it into someone's camp, one must wonder if he can even get back to the level he was playing at as a junior. Markus does have decent athletic ability in my opinion but his ability to find the ball and read has just disappeared. He is no doubt a project and some teams do think he has some raw skills to work with, but he's going to have to show something in camp to extend his stay with a franchise. He's probably going to a system that plays a good amount of man coverage, though the stricter NFL rule enforcement will hurt him. Look for him to go in the 7th round or get picked up as undrafted free agent.

NFL Comparison: Tod McBride (Rams), Chad Scott (Cut-Steelers)
Like McBride and Scott, Curry prefers to play a more physical game but lacks ideal cover skills and will struggle when turning and running with receivers. One of the dying breed type of ultra aggressive corners in the NFL.

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