Combine Draft Outlook: David Baas

GoBlueWolverine's Correspondent Josh Turel brings you his NFL Combine report on Offensive Lineman <b>David Bass</b>: how Bass tested at the combine, plus his strengths, weaknesses and projected draft position.<br>

David Baas


Combine stats:
-- 6'4 319
-- 29 Bench reps (225) 40 time: 5.02 (officially released by the NFL)

Another one of the classic Michigan type offensive lineman who loves to play physical. Is a perfect match in a power run game, can drive and scoop block well and has experience in the zone scheme Michigan runs. Sound technique, comes off the line well and is quick to get his hands into defenders. Very tough to shed once he's locked on you and shields defenders well from the play side. Did a good job of snapping and stepping in as a center, and picked up the position well overall. Has the overall quickness, strength and technique to handle a nose tackle playing an 0 technique or a shaded 4-3 tackle. Has decent open field speed to get out in front on a pull or screen play. Outstanding trapper and angle blocker, can lock on to defenders well and ride them out of the play. Footwork isn't bad, and shows balance in both the run game and pass protection. Plays with a true mean streak and is a very intense player who doesn't take plays or practices off. Good vision in pass protection and reading ability to pick up twist and blitzes. Three year starter who has "Sure Thing" written all over him and will be the next lineman from Michigan to make a smooth transition to the pro game.

Although his straight line speed if good, he is a rather stiff guy and needs to work on more flexibility and playing lower in the run game. Needs to select his blocks better in pulling situations and is overall average in space.

There's a lot to like about David Baas, and he was one of the better performers up front down in Indy. The fact he can play guard and center will help him a lot; generally the lineman taken the highest are usually interchangeable at OT/OG or OG/C. Baas fits best in a team that loves to run the football and doesn't put its interior lineman in space much. Post-combine Baas is pretty much the same in terms of value, late 1st round/early 2nd round according to scouts from both the NFC and AFC. In my opinion look for a team to take him in the top five picks of the 2nd round. I expect Baas to have a long and productive NFL career.

NFL Comparison:
OG Marco Rivera (Dallas), C Jeremy Newberry (49ers)
Like Rivera and Newberry, Baas plays with strength and intensity to clear lanes in the run game but lacks the great mobility and flex of some of the elite lineman.

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