Draft Outlook: Kevin Dudley

GoBlueWolverine's Correspondent Josh Turel brings you his NFL Combine report on fullback <b>Kevin Dudley</b>: how Dudley tested at the combine, plus his strengths, weaknesses and projected draft position.

Kevin Dudley


Combine Stats:
- 6'0, 238 lbs.
- 19 bench reps (225) Combine 40's: 5.00, 4.96

No doubt the best iso blocking back in the draft. He is an outstanding lead blocker, and plays with very good leverage and is strong at the point of attack. He has good power in his lower body, his upper body is decent but he plays to his strength by getting under defenders and driving his legs. He can clear linebackers out of the gap on a consistent basis and uses his playside shoulder to turn linebackers away from the gap. He will ride any linebacker out of the play who isn't squared up. He adjusts to defenders position well, takes defenders in the direction they are going and makes it easier for backs to cut off his blocks. He uses his forearm and hands well while keeping his feet pumping constantly. He explodes into defenders, especially on cut blocks and gets over bodies well in the gap and doesn't get caught up with other defenders - he always gets a block on someone. He does a decent job blocking at a deeper level of the defense when the linebacker stunts. He isn't overly strong but has great technique and plays to his strengths. Dudley does a decent job of shuffling to the gap then exploding forward. A solid pass protector, he can locate blocks quickly and has good leverage against bigger rushers. He plays the game with a mean streak and attitude that scouts love. In my opinion he could be a reliable short yardage runner but wasn't called to do that at Michigan. He has had two very successful running campaigns under his watch in Chris Perry and Mike Hart.

His limited athletically and isn't a proven threat in the passing and running game. He lacks any big play ability and isn't much of an athletic option in the passing game. he also lacks reps in anything other than a blocker and doesn't have the elite strength of some of the other backs in his class. However, like I mentioned earlier, his great technique makes up for it. His combine performance didn't help him at all - he was outlifted by the other fullbacks that worked out, (Justin Green 23 reps, Madison Hedgecock 29 reps, Keith Joseph 27 reps), and his 40 time was lackluster. He was also the lightest fullback that weighed in.

I have Dudley ranked as my No.4 fullback behind UCLA's Manuel White Jr., Washington's Zach Tuiasosopo, and Miami Hurricane Talib Humphrey. Versatility is the name of the game in the NFL and Dudley is pretty much a lead blocking fullback that lacks the running and receiving skills of the other three mentioned above. There are still teams in the NFL that look primarily for lead blocking fullbacks, but ones that use a west coast offense will pass on Kevin due to his raw areas in the passing game. I still expect Kevin to be drafted in the sixth or seventh round. If for some reason he isn't, look for him to make it into a camp somewhere. Kevin could be a nice replacement to an aging power fullback like Lorenzo Neal in San Diego or Mack Strong of the Seahawks.

NFL Comparison:
Marc Edwards (Free Agent, formerly with Jacksonville), Jon Richie (UFA, formerly with Philadelphia).
Like Edwards and Richie, Dudley lacks great athletic ability but gets the job done as a lead blocker even though he isn't very big.

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