Monday Night Chat Highlights

In this week's Monday Night chat session we discussed <strong>basketball recruiting</strong> and assistant coach <strong>Charles Ramsey</strong>.<br>

Football Recruiting: algerblue:: Ouimet-do you see more than 2 OL in this year's fball recruiting class?

mouimet:: alger, no

Dionte Allen :

JoshTurel3:: people hate on Dionte Allen because of the state title game in which he played great at corner, but he dropped some passes.....So I mention Dionte Allen and people are like I seen him in the state title game he isn't that great.....And I'm like man..... I watched that kid several times....Dionte is the best db in the state, even more so than Brighton

BigJes:: JT3, Michigan doesn't seem to have many DB prospects, could it be that Dionte is just the best of a mediocre bunch? Or is he 5* material?

JoshTurel3:: Dionte will be a 4 or 5 star IMO

Courtney Sims:

SonofJorEl:: about it....your thoughts on Courtney?

MichJD:: Courtney just needs to play with more fire

DreB89:: What is clearly going on is Tommy is saying I would go with a player of lesser talent who gives more than go with Sims Thursday is a good time to turn that around.....I think Courtney will be fine. He just had a tough year and who's to say how having Daniel and Lester out affected him

Brent Petway:

DreB89:: I think Petway is going to be a player that really helps us next year he got some valuable experience this season

MichJD:: What I love about Petway is how hard and smart he plays -- how often do you see a guy who is so gifted at shot blocking take as many charges as he does? Not often. He's a very smart defender.

Chris Hunter:

DreB89:: Hunter has to realize the difference between Injured and hurt

Basketball Recruiting:

DreB89:: Well I think that the 05 class is a little underrated. Jerret will do fine because he will be asked to run the show Jevohn is a slasher type and a terrific athlete and Kendric can really shoot... so I believe they will be just fine next year in A2

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