Dave Telep Talks Michigan Basketball Recruiting

Scout.com national recruiting editor <strong>Dave Telep</strong> joined GoBlueWolverine Magazine for a basketball Q&amp;A last week where he addressed a number of queries on the incoming class and the current crop of juniors on Michigan's radar. Here are his responses.<br>

SonofJorEl:: Where do you feel Uche will end up? Is Michigan the favorite?

DaveTelep:: Michigan and Florid State are in good shape because 1) kid isn't jacked up about recruiting process 2) they've already gotten visits. UNC, VaTech could also get visits I think. Maryland is trying hard.

MichJD:: Where will Michigan's class rank nationally if we land Uche?

DaveTelep:: With just two Top 100 players it would likely be 25-35 in the country. However, those would be two excellent players in the frontcourt.

SonofJorEl:: What do you think of Jevohn Shepherd?

DaveTelep:: Honestly, he's a guy I only saw briefly and it was in a camp setting so it's not like I'm extremely familiar with him. From the sounds of it, he seems like at least a rotation guy for the Wolverines.

MichJD:: What are your thoughts on Jerret Smith?

DaveTelep:: I think Smith comes in as a guy who can run the team and is coachable; a chemistry guy. I'm not convinced he's ever a starter for Amaker but I don't think he was recruited to fill that role either.

mpkthecpa:: Where do you think Deshawn Sims, Tory Jackson, K'Len Morris and Tom Herzog will end up (in terms of rankings stars/top 100 wise)?

DaveTelep:: All top 100 players in my opinion. Sims right now is the most highly regarded and for good reason. He's proven himself to be amongst the best at his position. Tory is a kid who probably sky rockets up the charts this spring. His quickness is outstanding and frankly I'd expect him to have a superior summer. K'Len is solid and a late 100 guy and I can't wait to see Herzog because I have my own expectations for how good he can be!

MichJD:: How does Tory compare to the nation's other top PGs?

DaveTelep:: To me, the top 3 PGs in 2006 are Tywon Lawson, DJ Augustine and Mike Conley. After that it opens up some and Jackson, for now, is in the second tier with guys like Sherron Collins and Jeremiah Rivers. He's got a chance to move as high as he wants.

BlueSam:: What's the latest on Scotty Reynolds?

DaveTelep:: Well, as you probably know, he's missed a lot of time because of the injury. I love how this kid shoots the basketball and does it in big games. This guy to me is one of the best shooters in the Class of 2006!

BlueSam:: Why did Michigan fall down his list?

DaveTelep:: Strong early, but once the Horton thing hit they seemed to fall back a little. To me, I'm not sure Scotty wants to go that far from home when it really comes down to it. Here's a kid in the heart of ACC country with those options. Sometimes you simply can't get guys out of that area is they've got ACC on their brain.

BlueSam:: What do you think of Matt Shaw's game?

DaveTelep:: Liked him a lot as a young kid. Would love to see him get aggressive and I'll be interested in seeing how he does this spring against the best of the best.

BlueSam:: Who do you think is the top player in Michigan's instate class of 06?

DaveTelep:: Right now it's either Deshawn Sims or Ramar Smith, and both are having nice seasons.

MichJD:: as a follow up, who do you think will END UP as the top player in the '06 Michigan class?

DaveTelep:: Tough to say. Sims probably would be my gut call but he'll have to stave off Jackson and Smith.

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