Combine Draft Outlook: The Rest of the Wolverines

GoBlueWolverine NFL Analyst Josh Turel brings you his Combine/Draft reports on Wolverines <b>Jermaine Gonzales, Adam Finley, Roy Manning, Alex Ofili and David Underwood.</b><br>

WR Jermaine Gonzales 6-foot-2, 205-pounds

Gonzales has gained interest from some front offices around the league because he is the type of unproven talent teams search for after the draft. He didn't see a whole lot of playing time behind Braylon Edwards, Jason Avant and Steve Breaston, but has shown some playmaking ability when called upon. His hands are fairly reliable and he has the athletic ability to make plays in the short passing game. He lacks polish but will most likely make it into an NFL camp. He reminds me of former Detroit Lions draft pick Travis Anglin who, like Gonzales, was a converted quarterback and a playmaker as a wideout at Memphis.

P Adam Finley 6-foot-4, 208-pounds

Finley will probably make it into a camp somewhere but doesn't have the type of leg NFL teams look for. He has decent leg strength but lacks hang time. He is very slow at getting his punts away and doesn't have much control in his directional punts. Not the type of punter who can pin teams inside the 20-yard line on a consistent basis and will frequently out kick his coverage, which can be very dangerous in the hands of a Santana Moss or Eddie Drummond type return man in the NFL.

OLB Roy Manning 6-foot-2, 257-pounds's Allen Trieu got the scoop on Manning while in Indianapolis and here's what he had to say in a previous article, "Manning has been training in preparation for the pro-day and is weighing in at 257 pounds, and has run as low as 4.53 in the 40. Scouts in Indianapolis have been talking about him, with the Lions among the teams that have shown interest." It will most likely come down to what he does at Michigan's pro day. If he is indeed running 4.5's in the 40 at 257 pounds (roughly 7-8 pounds up from his playing weight) he will be put on a majority of team boards as a late round/undrafted target. Manning best fits in a 3-4 defense as an outside linebacker; he's below average at reading a play and he takes poor pursuit angles but he's athletic for his size and could be used as a situational pass rusher from the outside. His skill set is most comparable to Pittsburgh's Clark Haggans.

DT Alex Ofili 6-foot-3, 290-pounds

GBW's Trieu got the scoop on Ofili at the combine as well: "John Murphy of 'Next Level Scouting' calls Ofili a raw prospect with good athletic ability who needs to improve at finding the ball. He might have a chance as a late round pick or free agent." In my opinion Alex is slightly intriguing because of his size and decent quickness and he could get a look as an end with a team that runs a 3-4 defense. On top of being inexperienced, Ofili is a 'tweener' (meaning he doesn't have a natural position) prospect, which hurt his chances. He is under-sized for the interior and too big for the defensive end position in a 4-3. Ofili reminds me of Cleveland's Alvin McKinley because he is so raw but has a frame and some skills with which to build.

RB David Underwood 6-foot-0, 220-pounds

In my opinion Underwood is the most intriguing of the prospects that could get picked up late. He has all the physical ability in the world, possessing very rare speed for a guy his size, but he could never seem to mesh the mental aspects of running the football. Underwood could be very versatile because of his power running ability and speed, but his poor vision and inability to make defenders miss spelled his doom for playing time his senior year and ultimately the loss of his starting job. He crashed into defenders instead of making them miss or cutting into another running lane. He also lacks receiving ability and experience along with a knack for fumbling the football. At any rate, David is a tempting guy because he has so much athletic ability but could never put together the rest of his game. Could his fearless attitude persuade a pro team to move him to fullback? Possibly, but he will most likely be brought in as a running back. In my opinion some NFL franchise will want to take a peek to see if he is a different player or shows better instincts and vision than he did in college. Could be a late bloomer but don't expect any team he camps with to show much patience.

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