Spring "Game" Will be a Practice; More on Offense

In the final portion of Coach Carr's pre-spring presser he discusses his decision to have a spring practice instead of a spring game, Steve Breaston, Reuben Riley, Clayton Richard, Carl Tabb, Jacob Stewart, and freshmen that will visit campus..<br>

On if any freshmen are coming in during the spring:

"I think Jason Forcier will be in. The guys that are local…I think most of the kids that we have will be in. It's good for them just to see a practice and sit in on a meeting, but I don't think anybody is going to be here the whole week of their spring break with the exception of Jason."

On freshman entering a semester early:

"It's a great advantage for Kevin Grady and his development. There is no way it couldn't be. He has been in meetings, he has been in practice, he knows the drills, he gets repetitions with the plays, he learned the protections. You can't but that. So his foundation is going to be far superior to a freshman that just comes in August."

On if he'll encourage other freshmen to do it in the future:

"No. If a guy wants to do it, I think it's great. But I'm not going to ask a guy…I'm not going to recruit a guy and tell him you should come in here and start sooner in January. I think that's a decision that he needs to make. You only get one time to be a senior in high school. "

On if there will be a spring game:

"Well, we aren't going to have a spring game. There is no way. We will have a practice. So for all of those people that want to see tackling in the spring game, don't come. Don't waste your time if you're going to be disappointed because we won't be tackling. I hope you come September 3rd. Hopefully we'll tackle that day."

On how confident he is Clayton Richard will be back in the fall:

"How confident am I? That's a question that is out of my control, so I have no confidence. I think the world of Clayton Richard, but he has got to make that decision…and he will. Whatever decision he makes, I will be very supportive."

On the center position:

"Rueben Riley is moving to center. Riley is a great athlete. He did a great job last fall stepping in with his opportunity to become a starter. Like any of these other positions, we'll have to see how that goes. Regardless of how that goes, we may move him back to guard. But if we do, by working him just as we did David Baas last spring at center, it will create a better depth situation for us if something happens to somebody else."

On if Adam Stenavich will work at center


On Steve Breaston:

"I think you saw in his last game how much it (his foot injury) had limited him. After our bye week, all of a sudden it was like new guy showed up. Of course in the meantime he fought through a terrible finger injury. Hopefully he can stay healthy because he is such a fun guy to watch. He is a fun guy to be around. Anytime he gets the football, you better pay attention because something big might happen. I think we missed almost an entire season of what he could've done because he was never healthy."

On Carl Tabb

"Carl is another guy. He is healthy. I think one time he had some hamstring issues. Sometimes a guy just has bad luck and I think he has had bad luck, and I'm really hopeful that he has some good luck."

On Jacob Stewart:

"He is another guy that has had horrible luck. He was an outstanding guy on special teams. He has had some hamstring problems. So we moved him to linebacker last fall and he'll be in the mix."

On if there is any chance Jerome Jackson moves to the other side of the ball:


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