Lighty to Make Summer Decision

<p>GoBlueWolverine caught up with <strong>David Lighty</strong> recently and got an update on his progress since tearing his ACL toward the end of his season. Though still a little sore from the reparative surgery he had on Thursday, the athletic Ohio wing was in good spirits. We chatted with him about his rehab, Ohio State coach Thad Matta, his interest in the Wolverines and much more.</p>

How did you injure your knee?

"I was going up for a dunk in the 3rd quarter and my hands slipped off the rim and I came down hard on my leg. I continued playing we won the game and then the next day my knee was really hurting and I found out later that messed up my ACL."

What do you think they will have you doing for Rehab?

"Well, they probably will have me doing leg lifts and bending my knees. Down the road I will be lifting weights, but I will know for sure when I go Wednesday."

Since you will be limited in what you can do as far as basketball is concerned, what will you do this summer?

"Well, me and my family will be taking visits to some of the schools like Ohio State, Michigan and Syracuse."

When picking a school to attend, how important are academics to you?

"They are very important. I do know that my mom wants me to get a top education, so it is something I am really looking at."

Have you begin to decide on what type of degree you are interested in getting?

"I like communications. Where I would be into broadcasting and also architecture I like to draw very much."

Can you give me three or four things that will go into your decision making to pick a college?

"The coaching style, the coaches, the type of education I will receive, the players that I will be playing with and also the fans. What type of fans do they have. The fans really get me going when I am playing."

How important is it that you play close to home on a scale from 1 to 10?

"Oh it’s a 9. If I stay close to home, my mom, who has been to all my games, can see me play. So I would say that is very important."

What are your thoughts coach Thad Matta at Ohio State?

"He is a pretty good coach. He is showing what he can do at Ohio State with the way he is coaching."

What are your thoughts on Tommy Amaker?

"Great coach. He didn’t have to much good luck with his team this year with all the injures."

With all that went on at Michigan the Injuries the lost games what do you think about them?

"Well, they had some big wins but I think they will do a lot better next year. With their injuries… no one could have predicted something like that would happen.. You can't put that on the coaches. What happened this year will not affect the way that I think about them."

Assistant Coach Andy Moore is recruiting you. How is that going?

"It's cool. Coach Moore is real nice. He sends my mom really nice E-mails and I get handwritten notes."

I hear you actually had a chance to talk to Daequan Cook before he made his decision?

"Yeah, he called me up and told me that he was going to Ohio State and that he wanted me to do the same (laughter). I told him I couldn’t do that. I am going to wait a while before I decide where to go to school."

When will there be a decision made?

"Early to late summer. Around that time."

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