Summers High on Michigan

<p><strong>Durrell Summers</strong>, the 6&#8217;4 wing from Detroit DePorres, was a nice surprise this year. The sweet shooting sophomore proved that he was one of the top three sophomores in the loaded in-state class of 2007. GoBlueWolverine talked with Durrell recently and discussed his college choices, what high school he might be attending next year, and much much more </p>

What did you think of your first year playing at Detroit DePorres?

"Playing up was good for me. Coming from Consortium high school, the competition was not that good. I was challenged more over here against tougher competition. I did pretty well this season."

DePorres is one of the better known schools in the state, but it is closing next year. What was the reaction when you and the other students found out?

"My reaction was where am I going to go now and how will I adjust to the new school that I attend. It’s been just crazy. They called all of us to a meeting and let us know the school would be closing. There were a lot of people crying and upset about our school closing."

Now that your school is closing have you and your mom discussed any schools at this time?

"Yeah. Me and my mom have talked about Detroit King, Detroit Renaissance, Detroit Redford, Detroit Country Day and Romulus."

You mentioned two schools outside of Detroit in Country Day and Romulus. Why?

"I have friends at both schools. Me and Alex Legion (Country Day) are cool we went to middle school together. I know Devin Searcy and Dominique Buckley (Romulus) so that is why I mentioned them."

When will you make your decision?

"Hopefully next month. Me and my mom will sit down and figure out best decision for us in terms of what high school I will attend."

What are your top five colleges you are interested in right now?

"North Carolina, Michigan State, Duke, Syracuse and Michigan."

On a scale from 1 to 5 with 1 the lowest and 5 the highest where, would you put Michigan and why?

"I would give them a 4. I have heard a lot about their academics and how good they are. I just like the program at Michigan. Michigan really fits my style they have players that I can see myself playing like down the road with their style of play. Michigan had some injuries this year but I can see that they are getting it done. So it (the down season) doesn’t affect me at all. I like Coach Amaker and I have always been a big fan of Michigan. I am still interested in them."

Who do you see yourself playing like?

"Dion Harris. I like the way he plays."

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