Is Matt Shaw Still High on Michigan?

<p>Fairfax (CA) high's <strong>Matt Shaw</strong> has long had Michigan at or near the top of his list. Did the departure of his primary recruiter (Charles Ramsey) affect the way he looks at Michigan?</p>

How did your team do last year?

"Our season went well. We went 26-6. We didn't win city because we lost Westchester. We actually lost to them four times this year. Overall we had a good season. I learned a lot from Coach Katini (the head coach at Fairfax). He taught me a lot."

How did you do individually?

"My season was good. I became more of a defensive player. I improved my fundamentals and footwork. . I averaged about 13 points and 10 boards. Everything worked out good coming over from Verbum Dei."

When we last spoke you had a firm top three schools. Has anything changed on that front?

"My top three is still the same. It's still Michigan, Georgia Tech and Connecticut. I also get a lot of stuff from Illinois and Oregon, so I'm looking at them too."

Do you plan to take any visits anytime soon?

"I plant to take visits, but I haven't taken the SAT yet. I'm going to take it in June. I might wait until my senior year, but if I get everything ready in time, I wouldn't mind taking a few during the summer."

Did the season that Michigan had affect the way you look at them?

"No, no…not at all. Sometimes you play good and sometimes you play bad…but I think the program overall is still good. That they had a bad season didn't affect my thoughts toward the school."

What is it about Michigan that has kept them high on your list?

"The school is good overall and I really like the coaching staff. I think another thing that really makes me think about them so highly is I could potentially come there and get good minutes instead of coming in as a freshman and not playing too much."

Speaking of the coaching staff, with Coach Ramsey getting the head coaching job at Eastern Michigan, does that affect how you look at Michigan?

"Yeah, it kind of does. I do look at them a little differently now, but they're still high on my list. I'm still cool with Coach Amaker. I like Coach Amaker. The two times that I've talked to him he let me know his interest. He knows what he talks about and he knows what he is doing. I trust him to make me the kind of player I want to be. Then at the same time I'd benefit from going to a really good school."

Do you have a timetable for your decision?

"I've been thinking about it, but I'm not even sure right now. Whenever the timing is right I guess. I can't really say right now."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Shaw throughout the summer.

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