Has O-Lineman Justin Boren Made His Decision?

In a tough recruiting battle between rivals, the rumors tend to fly. Such is the case with Ohio O-Liner <b>Justin Boren</b>, the son of a Wolverine who is living in Columbus. The latest rumor: that Boren has made his decision.<br><br> Is it true? When GoBlueWolverine heard the rumor, we went to Justin himself.<br>

"No, I'm not committed anywhere."

So said top Columbus, Ohio offensive lineman Justin Boren to GoBlueWolverine late this (Thursday) afternoon, quickly putting to rest the latest rumor on his recruiting journey. So we asked Justin his spring, summer, and decision plans. Here is what he told us.

"I plan to make a decision around August (he's graduating from high school in December and enrolling in college in January). It's a big decision to make, and I'm completely torn between Michigan and Ohio State."

"I just got back from an Ohio State practice in fact. And I was at a Michigan practice a short time ago (GBW talked to Justin right afterwards)."

"I'm going to both schools' Spring Games."

"As far as camps this summer, I'm doing one day at Ohio State. I did the Michigan Camp last summer so I'll just visit them this summer. In fact I'll probably visit both Michigan and Ohio State a couple times in the summer. And I'll make some unofficial visits around the country as well."

"I was going to decide sooner than late summer ... but I'm torn 50-50."

Note: At 6-3ish, 280ish lbs., Justin is considered the top offensive center prospect in the Midwest, and possibly the country. The scouting report on him is tough, very smart, quick, strong -- the complete OC package. Center is perhaps the toughest O-line position to fill -- U-M is finding out how true that is this very spring. So Justin is a hot commodity, for both the Wolverines and the Buckeyes.

As we have noted previously, Justin is the son of 1980-era star linebacker Mike Boren, who at the time was perhaps the first 6-3 LB U-M had ever had. And as Justin told us, "I've been coming up to Michigan games all my life." Father-Mike hailed from Columbus, and the Borens still live there (Mike is in the construction business in Columbus, and Justin has talked of following in his dad's foorsteps in that regard), so the local Buckeye ties are very strong as well.

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