Final Week of Spring: Defensive Depth Chart

With the so-called spring game (just a final practice this year) just a week away now, here is the <b>Michigan Depth Chart</b> as former Michigan staffer Mark Ouimet sees it -- including comments on each position.<br><br> <b>The Defense</b><br>


Overall: the talented young players are now juniors -- time for them to step up. Also, except for defensive tackle there is a general lack of depth almost everywhere.

Defensive End
Overall: Pierre Woods and Lamarr Woodley (on the other side) are talented; Tim Jamison provides a little depth. Will Eugene Germany be eligible for the fall?

No. Player Ht. Wt. Yr./El. Comments
99 Pierre Woods 6-5 247 5th/Sr. Move From SLB - playing both sides of DE
90 Tim Jamison 6-3 250 So./Fr. Limited this spring-did he RS?

Defensive Tackle
Overall: the best defensive depth is at the DT spots; maybe the competition will spur Gabe Watson to be all he can be.

No. Player Ht. Wt. Yr./El. Comments
78 Gabriel Watson 6-4 331 Sr./Sr.
95 Marques Walton 6-0 280 So./Fr.
92 Will Paul 6-2 264 Jr./So.
Fr Terrance Taylor 6-1 285 Fr./Fr.
Fr Marques Slocum 6-5 335 Fr./Fr.
66 Paul Sarantos 6-3 261 Sr./Jr.

Defensive Tackle
No. Player Ht. Wt. Yr./El. Comments
94 Patrick Massey 6-8 284 5th/Sr. Move From DE
80 Alan Branch 6-6 323 So./So.
97 Will Johnson 6-4 287 So./Fr.
Fr James McKinney 6-3 263 Fr./Fr.
53 David Hull 6-1 261 Jr./So.

Defensive End
No. Player Ht. Wt. Yr./El. Comments
56 Lamarr Woodley 6-2 268 Jr./Jr. Playing both sides
91 Rondell Biggs 6-2 278 Sr./Jr.
Fr Eugene Germany 6-4 260 Fr./Fr.
50 Jeremy Van Alstyne 6-4 262 Sr./Jr. No Spring - Foot

Weakside Linebacker (WILL)
No. Player Ht. Wt. Yr./El. Comments
Overall: Chris Graham is the shortest starting LB at U-M in recent memory, but reportedly has big-time ability. Jacob Stewart provides depth until, hopefully, Brandon Logan can contribute in the fall.

No. Player Ht. Wt. Yr./El. Comments
37 Chris Graham 5-10 225 So./So.
41 Jacob Stewart 6-0 225 Sr./Jr. Move From S
Fr Brandon Logan 6-1 210 Fr./Fr.
49 Eric VanBeek 6-0 208 So./Fr. Fullback as well

Middle Linebacker (MIKE)
Overall: if David Harris is finally healthy he will push Scott McClintock. Johnny Thompson has a bright future.

No. Player Ht. Wt. Yr./El. Comments
36 Scott McClintock 6-2 246 5th/Sr.
44 David Harris 6-2 246 Sr./Jr.
49 Johnny Thompson 6-2 229 So./Fr.
Fr Andre Criswell Fr./Fr. Fullback as well
15 Chip Cartwright 6-1 232 5th/Sr.
28 Dan Moore 6-0 226 Jr./So.

Strongside Linebacker (SAM)
Overall: time for Prescott Burgess and Shawn Crable to fulfill their potential.

No. Player Ht. Wt. Yr./El. Comments
6 Prescott Burgess 6-2 236 Jr./Jr. Move from WLB
2 Shawn Crable 6-5 247 Jr./So.
Fr Chris McLaurin 6-4 225 Fr./Fr.
97 Max Pollock 6-1 215 Jr./So.

Overall: Ouimet keeps penciling in Brandon Harrison as the starter in the fall but we give Grant Mason the benefit of the doubt. Charles Stewart could be a future safety.

No. Player Ht. Wt. Yr./El. Comments
13 Grant Mason 6-0 196 5th/Sr.
Fr Brandon Harrison 5-8 190 Fr./Fr.
5 Charles Stewart 6-1 194 So./Fr.
4 Darnell Hood 5-11 190 Sr./Jr.
27 Shakir Edwards 6-0 207 So./Fr.
22 Kyle Plummer 5-10 167 Jr./So.

Strong Safety
Overall: Jamar Adams has had an up and down spring; Brandent Englemon is steadier.

No. Player Ht. Wt. Yr./El. Comments
31 Brandent Englemon 6-0 199 Jr./So.
22 Jamar Adams 6-2 207 So./So.
26 Mike Carl 6-0 204 Sr./Jr.

Free Safety
Overall: Ryan Mundy has and a good first two years; time for him to step it up and become an elite player.

No. Player Ht. Wt. Yr./El. Comments
21 Ryan Mundy 6-1 204 Jr./Jr.
19 Willis Barringer 5-11 202 Sr./Jr.
9 Anton Campbell 5-11 191 Jr./So.
18 BJ Opong-Owusu 5-10 196 Sr./Jr.

Overall: Leon Hall is steady, and Morgan Trent has a bright future as he gains experience.

No. Player Ht. Wt. Yr./El. Comments
29 Leon Hall 5-11 191 Jr./Jr.
14 Morgan Trent 6-0 185 So./Fr.
Fr Chris Richards 5-11 165 Fr./Fr.
Fr Johnny Sears 6-1 175 Fr./Fr.
37 James Logan 5-10 179 So./Fr.

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