Mister Confidence

<p><strong>Mister Simpson</strong> is not be the biggest back around, nor is he the most well known. That said, the lack of either of those traits has done little to shake his belief that he can make an impact at Michigan.</p>

You were up at spring practice with Brandon Harrison a few weeks back. How did it go for you?

"I stayed on campus for a week. I sat in on a lot of the running back meetings and a lot of the team meetings. Brandon learned a little bit more than I did. He got a notebook. I didn't get one of those. But as far as just sitting in and listening…I picked up on a lot of stuff. I picked up on a few new plays. It was very educational."

I hear you guys are going to be roommates with Brandon. Have you two known each other long?

"We knew of each other. I knew who Brandon Harrison from Chaminade Julienne was and he knew who Mister Simpson from Colerain was, but we didn't know each other. We were both up there on our official visit together. We got to talking to one and another and I found out that he was a real cool guy. We talked to Coach Herrmann and he said he would try to make it happen. He came back and said we could be roommates if we wanted to be."

Besides Brandon, whom did you spend most of your time with while on campus?

"I stayed with the defensive players most of the time. Chris Graham is a really cool guy. I also stayed with John Thompson, Keston Cheathem, and Marques Walton. On the offensive side, I spent time with Kevin Grady. He was a real nice guy. Kind of quiet though. He let me stay in his room for a little bit. He was very helpful. I didn't know that we had film sessions after practice and Kevin made sure I was there five minutes early so Coach Jackson wouldn't get on me."

What number did you get?

"I will wear #32."

One of the real questions about you is where you will line up for Wolverines. You played fullback in high school and you were listed as such throughout your recruitment. That said, Michigan is listing you as a tailback. Is that where you're going to play?

"I played fullback in high school, but we played the triple option. I still touched the ball 19-20 times per game. I got recruited as a tailback. I don't think I'm big enough to play fullback at the college level."

Do you plan to redshirt this year?

"I get that question a lot. I've been playing football and starting at running back since I was six years old and I've never redshirted. I don't see any use in starting when I'm 18. I'm going in there with the attitude that I'm going for the number one spot. I'm going in to play. If they want me to redshirt, then that is what I'll do. But I'm definitely not going in there wanting to redshirt. I'm going in there wanting to play. Coach Carr knows that I have a very strong work ethic and that I'm very determined. I don't like to sit the bench at all."

What were your impressions of Coach Carr?

"Coach Carr is a real cool guy. I like him a lot. I got to talk to him quite a bit. At the meetings Coach Carr would tell the upperclassmen that their positions weren't promised and that he had some very talented freshmen coming in that were more than willing to take their spots."

When do you plan to head back to campus for good?

"I'm going to get up there as early as I can. Probably around June 10th."

Simpson also indicated that he would be on campus this weekend for the final spring practice.

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