Bartley Webb Talks (plus WELLS, SMITH, ROLLE)

One of the top recruits at Michigan's final spring practice Saturday was huge Arkansas offensive tackle <b>Bartley Webb</b>.<br><br> GoBlueWolverine talked to Webb Sunday evening when he returned home.<br>

Bartley Webb is a huge 6-6, 300 lb. offensive tackle from Springdale, Arkansas -- and the teammate of top quarterback Mitch Mistain. Webb told us:

"I was at Michigan's final practice with my mom and dad -- they were up in the stands during the practice and I was on the sidelines."

Mitch (teammate QB Mitch Mustain) wasn't there with you, was he?

"Mitch was up there two weeks ago I believe. So far we haven't taken any of our visits together."

Tell us about your visit.

"The visit went real well. We got there Friday. Then Saturday morning we went to Schembechler Hall for the team meeting. Then they broke into position meetings and I was with the offensive linemen of course. Then we met with the head academic advisor, Sherri Acho. Next we got a tour of Schembechler hall, the stadium, and the locker room. Then we watched practice. Afterward Coach Moeller took us on tour of campus. Then we came back and met with Coach Carr."

What is it about Michigan that appeals to you?

"First of all, the academic tradtition. It's unbelievable, Michigan seems to be top 5 in every academic area. And then athletically, the football program is in the top 5 or top 10 every year. It's hard not to be interested."

Where else have you been this spring ... and where are you going?

"I've been to Austin (University of Texas), to Norman (University of Oklahoma), to Tennessee, to Michigan of course, to Notre Dame, and to Arkansas. I'm going to try to go back to Notre Dame next weekend for their spring game."

(Note: Webb has offers from these schools, plus Louisville, Clemson, Michigan State, Tulsa, Kansas, Maryland, and Texas Tech. His teammate Mitch Mustain also has a Michigan offer.)

Do you have any summer camps or visits planned?

"I don't know about the summer yet."

Do you have a top 5 at this point?

"No, I'm completely open ... I do hope to get back up to Michigan again though."


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