Visit Moves Wolverines Up for Toryan Smith

<p><strong>Toryan Smith</strong> visited Ann Arbor last weekend, and the Georgia linebacker came away extremely impressed. Is another visit in the offing?</p>

Georgia linebacker Toryan Smith has already emerged as one of the most sought after prospects in the Peach State. Top programs like Oklahoma, Florida, and Georgia have already extended offers to Jim S' #11 linebacker, and more are coming by the day. That said, the first school to step to the fore with a schollie tender was Michigan, a fact that has not been lost on the hard nosed backer. "Michigan was the first school to offer me," Smith told's Allen Wallace last week. "I like how they did that and stepped it up over everybody else."

The early attention by the Wolverines prompted Smith to add Ann Arbor to his list of unofficial visit destinations. He got his first taste of the Maize and Blue this past weekend. "I got in Friday morning," Smith said. "They took me on a tour around campus and then they took me to the Big House. Then I sat down with Coach Herrmann for a while. And then I met with Coach Carr for about an hour. After that they showed me the weight room and all of that kind of stuff. I met with Braylon Edwards, a couple of the linebackers, and shook hands with almost the whole team."

Smith recently mentioned a top five of Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Auburn. After his visit to Michigan, things looked to have opened up a bit. "They definitely moved higher," Smith regarding Michigan's standing on his list. "That's why I'm taking all of these unofficial visits. I'm wide open and I'm not locked into staying in the south. That's not a big thing. I'm just going to go to the place that gives me the best opportunity. More than likely that I'm going to take an official visit to Michigan. I haven't set it up yet, but I want to make it up for the Ohio State game."

One significant concern that was alleviated by the visit was the one he had about the weather. He found that many of the things he had been told about the climate in the north were way overblown. "That is as far north as I've ever been," Smith said. "It was a little bit different. I really didn't know what to expect. I've been out west and I had been to Notre Dame before, but I had never been that far up north. It was pretty cool, man. I think the bad weather thing is overrated. I'm sure it gets cold there in the wintertime, but I came in thinking it was ALWAYS cold. I was a little bit intimidated by that, but now I know it's really not too bad."

Smith indicated that he will be taking all five official visits before choosing his school. He mentioned that a number of factors will go into that choice, including the depth situation at the respective schools. "The location, the people, and the academics will definitely come into play," Smith said, describing the criteria for his decision. "The depth chart will be important as well. I know that you have to go to a school and beat some people out, but I don't want to go anyhere where they've signed six or seven linebackers the last two years. Michigan's depth chart looked good. They talked to me about it and said I can come right in and compete."

"I just want a chance to come in and do my thing."

As a junior Smith recorded 96 tackles, 7 tackles for loss, three interceptions, and two sacks .

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