Matt Shaw Recaps Amaker Visit

<p>California big man <strong>Matt Shaw</strong> had a little face time with <strong>Tommy Amaker</strong> yesterday, and the visit seem to cement Michigan's standing on his list.</p>

Michigan became the first program to pay Fairfax High's Matthew Shaw a visit this spring when Tommy Amaker showed up in southern California Monday afternoon. The trip to see the skilled forward was the latest in a recent string of "contact period" visits that have taken the Maize and Blue headman across the country. Like those before it, this meeting went very well. "He came to the school today and we talked for a long time," Shaw said late Monday night. "It was me, him, my mom, and my coach. Everything was good. We talked a lot about the school and a lot about him. He talked about what position he wanted me to play and what he needed me to do if I came to Michigan. He wants me at power forward. Then we had a little spring league game, so he stayed to watch that. He was there for a while…from about 3-7."

Amaker's presentation went over very well with Shaw's mother, which something the young man indicated was extremely important.. "My mom said she liked him a lot," he said. "She talked to him about staying in contact with him if I decided to go there. We talked about how she would feel if I decided to go that far away from home. My mom and I are real close and she just wants to be able to keep track of how I'm doing."

In a previous interview Shaw mentioned the departure of former assistant coach Charles Ramsey as possibly causing him to look at the Wolverines a bit differently. (Those that missed it can click here). Instead of spending time focusing on that, though, Amaker chose to highlight Michigan and the vision that he still has for his program. "He never brought it up," Shaw said of Ramsey's exit. "He knows that I know though. It doesn't really affect my decision because I like Coach Amaker and I think he is a good coach. Michigan is always going to be up on my list. I'm just trying to do my research and take my time because I know it is a big decision. I'll make it when the time is right."

With Coach Amaker's visit to Fairfax out of the way, the focus now shifts to when Shaw will take his trip to Ann Arbor. "We just talked about that for a little bit," he said. "I have to take my SAT in June. Coach Amaker said maybe sometime in September and that sounds good to me."

Shaw recently took an unofficial visit to USC, and he now lists the Trojans as one of his favorites. Meanwhile, one of the teams near the top of his leader board for quite some time looks to have fallen. "Right now, I don't really know about UCONN because I haven't talked to them.," Shaw said. "I'd say it's probably USC, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Boston College, and Illinois."

GBW will have more on Shaw in the coming months.

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