Amaker Takes Direct Approach With Lighty

<p>Michigan Coach <strong>Tommy Amaker</strong> has been racking up the frequent flyer miles visiting recruits during the April contact period. This time his destination was Cleveland, Ohio where he went to Villa Angela - St. Joseph's to speak with junior wing <strong>David Lighty</strong>.<strong> </strong>GoBlueWolverine caught up with Lighty and his mom last evening and got the latest on how his rehab from ACL surgery and the initial returns from the meeting. </p>

Ms. Lighty

How is his rehab going?

"It's going very well. He had a little swelling, but it's not a real problem. The doctors are very happy with his progress. He is down to walking with one crutch right now. In a week or two it's possible that he won't be using any crutches at all."

What are your thoughts about recruiting process?

"Sometimes it's not too bad. We just have to get things scheduled for him."

As a parent, What are you looking for in a school?

"I'm looking at the academics and the programs they offer because I want this to prepare him for life after basketball. I'm also looking at the social aspect of the school. Will he have a good time and what are the types of things he'll be doing? The geography of the school is also important. I would like to be able to go see him play. As far as basketball is concerned, we're looking at playing time and the coach."

What coaches have you had a chance to visit with?

"You called right on time because Coach Amaker was just here to see us today. We've also met with Ohio State and Syracuse."

What impressions of Thad Matta?

"I noticed how passionate he is for his school. He talked about the vision he had for David at Ohio State. I really noticed how excited he was to be talking to us."

How about Tommy Amaker?

"He was very genuine. I thought he was extremely honest and sincere with the things he was saying about his program. He also talked about the things he thought David would bring to his program. I liked how he mentioned education and how important that was."

David Lighty

How do you think your rehab is going?

"My rehab his going pretty well. They have me working primarily on my quad muscle. The exercises they have me doing are squats and toe raises with rubber bands."

How did the visit with Coach Amaker go?

"I feel like the visit went pretty good overall. Coach Amaker threw me off a little bit with how strong he came at me with his feelings about how I fit in at Michigan. I feel that he wants me in the program. I like how he told me where he sees me in the program. He told me that Michigan was one of the top two public universities in the country. He also said the Michigan has the largest alumni base, which I didn't know."

You said he threw you off a bit. Is that a good thing or bad thing?

"That's a good thing because I didn't think he was going to come at me like that."

So on a scale of 1-5, with 1 worst and five being the best, how would you rate Coach Amaker's visit with you?

"It was a four."

How did your visit with Coach Matta go?

"That went well too. Coach Matta was very excited to be talking to me. He talked about the staff. He also talked about where Ohio State is now and where they are going. I really enjoyed him and his visit."

GBW will catch up with Lighty again very soon to get more on his time with Coach Amaker, word on scheduled meeting with Arizona, and his official visit plans.

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