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Mark Ouimet on Baas, Marlin, Braylon

Former Michigan staffer Mark Ouimet comments on Marlin Jackson, David Baas and Braylon Edwards -- all of whom he helped recruit to Michigan.<br><br> "Now THESE are the guys getting paid. And they deserve it."<br>


"The most exciting Michigan player to me is David Baas. He's a hard worker, he's smart, he can play two positions. San Francisco probably will start him off at guard. He's going to a team that will be depending on him, and he will come in and compete right away. He'll make the most of it. If he stays healthy he'll have a long career in the NFL. The 49er's drafted an offensive guard in the 3rd round as well. The linemen that leave Michigan tend to start in the NFL ... Backus, Hutch, Mo Williams, even Jon Goodwin ... all started (Pape went in the 7th round last year so school's still out on him)."

"Baas is the real deal, and people will see that in the fall."

"As the first player taken in the 2nd round, he might get 1st round money: a $2-3 milion dollar signing bonus, and an annual salary in the $1 million dollar range."


"Marlin Jackson went as the No. 29 pick in the first round to Indianapolis. It's another situation where he can play two positions. Indianapolis is known for offense, and they struggle with defense. So in this draft they took two corners and a safety ... Kelvin Hayden from Illinois and David Raynor from MSU, and they took two Wisconsin guys too ... so they took some Big Ten guys."

"Marlin is polished for a guy coming out of college: he went against Braylon his whole career in practice, he's gone against Charles Rogers, and all the guys in the bowl games. And he can play safety too of course, as he did his junior year."

"Cato June and Josh Williams are on the Colts too. So it's a great situation for Marlin. He will probably be starting by the end of the year."

"Jackson is a guy who grew up with nothing, so it's good to see he'll be getting paid now: a $3-4 million signing bonus, and an annual salary over $1 million."


"Then there's Braylon Edwards of course, the #3 pick. His signing bonus will be $8-10 million, and his annual salary will be in the millions as well."

"Cleveland needs everything. There isn't a top quarterback there. It's Trent Dilfer, and they drafted Charlie Fry from Akron in the 3rd round. So we'll see how Braylon reads the rotation at quarterback there. He has to work with the quarterbacks and not get frustrated. Aaron Shea plays in Cleveland, that will help -- they have a good tight end in Shea. They need a guy who can stretch the field, and Braylon will provide that. He has an opportunity to go in and be the number one wideout if he's ready. Those are big expectations now -- to go in and not just to contribute, not just to contend for a starting spot, but to immediately be the #1 guy. As we've seen with Chris Perry and David Terrell, it's a big transition to the NFL."

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