Spiece Run 'n Slam: Day Two Checklist & Notes

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – There were plenty of outstanding performers during a terrific day of basketball Saturday at Spiece.


Jason Bohannon, PG, Martin Bros: The book had him with 37, the faithful shot chart gave him 33 unofficially. Regardless, Bohannon was quite impressive against the Mich. Mustangs. He's solid enough with the ball, can make shots and of course he's got that sweet stroke from downtown. He'll pop off the dribble and pull-up from mid-range. The bottom line is that he's got a feel for the position and he can lead a team.

Jonathan Echendu, C, Arkansas Hawks: What a difference a few weeks can make. At the Real Deal he was kind of an afterthought, a 6-foot-10 guy who looked just OK. Well, ask All-Ohio what they thought of this kid who can swat away shots at a good clip. Toss in some traffic rebounds and a few hook shots and he's turned the corner from prospect to player and is one to watch into the summer.

Reggie Redding, SF, Philly MJC: "Old School" was putting it on SYF Brotherhood when we ducked out at the half. In 16 minutes, Redding scored 15 points, had 4 rebounds and dropped 5 assists. The guy's game is solid and he carves up defenses with patience and passing.

Willie Walker, PG, Illinois Wolves: It's not just the orange jersey that makes you think of Deron Williams, it's the steady poise to his game. Walker rarely forces shots and held up well under the pressure of the Michigan Hurricanes and their truckload of athletes. It wasn't until he simply ran out of gas in the second half that the Wolves were out of it. Mid-range, off the dribble, on the move, he's got a lot of tricks in his bag. There's no "wow factor" with Walker, much like the days of Williams when he was running the circuit with the Fort Worth Lions.

Trevon Hughes, PG, Wisconsin Swing: We knew he was a good prospect but when he blocked someone's shot up against the glass with both hands, well, that sealed it. A lot of guys can get into the teeth of the defense but Hughes doesn't stop until he finishes. Plus, he's got a burst that allows him to barrel into the lane.

Omar Thomas, PF, Michigan Mustangs: What high quality mid-major program wouldn't want a guy who bangs inside, rebounds and gets what he can in the paint? He'll start his college career as a 6th man at a great mid-major and he'll be a four-year ball of energy and production even if he is 6-foot-6.

Jonathan Peoples, SG, Illinois Fire: We left after 3 quarters but he 17 points and had a touch from the outside. Too early to tell exactly what level he finishes at but he's efficient with his shots and a nice player.

James Dews, SG, All-Ohio: It wasn't just Dews but the entire squad struggled in a morning game against the Hawks. Dews, who had the big time hot hand last weekend in Dallas, missed his first 8 shots and went 1-for-11. It's the kind of game that, as a shooter, you've got to flush out of your mind and move along. He's a better player than in the game we watched and showed it later on in the evening.


Kalin Lucas says Maryland, Syracuse, Michigan, Michigan State and Wake Forest are worth mentioning. … Jonathan Uchendu is being chased by Clemson, Florida State and Arkansas Little-Rock. Mississippi assistant Eric Bozeman has a son on the Arkansas Hawks so you know the Rebels are in the mix too. BTW, Bozeman's son is a nice little player in his own right. . ...

James Dews has offers from Dayton, Xavier, Seton Hall and West Virginia. Miami, Michigan and Notre Dame are starting to pursue him harder. … Joshua Southern, a 2007 post player had Tubby Smith at his school watching him the other day. Southern likes the Cats, Arizona, Michigan State, Valparaiso and Michigan. …

Jason Bohannon has visited Stanford and he'll be at Wisconsin next weekend. Iowa is big time in the mix and Vanderbilt offered him on Monday. North Carolina State was also mentioned and Bohannon said other Big Ten and Big 12s might get involved. Right now, count on Iowa and Wisconsin being strong in his recruitment. "I want to make sure by the fall, that's my timetable right now," Bohannon said.

Reggie Redding's AAU coach said that Pitt, NC State and Villanova are pursuing him hard. LaSalle, Boston College and Temple are worth noting as well. … Willie Walker said that Ohio State is pursuing him the hardest. NC State, Miami, Georgia Tech and Illinois are in the chase as well. Bruce Weber hasn't offered him but was at his school this past week. …


Toledo Libby freshman wing William Buford is a shooter with confidence and a Top 5 freshman in Ohio. …. Dave Thompson of the Grand Rapids Storm has been at it again, scoring more points. He's a mid-major who puts pressure on defenses. … Sophomore Keenan Ellis of the Greyhounds has a size 18 sneaker. … O.J. Mayo and Bill Walker didn't disappoint on Saturday and we plan on seeing the Greyhounds deep in the playoffs on Sunday. …

It would be hard to recall a young player as athletic as Alex Legion that shoots it as well on the move from mid-range. … Blessed's Kyle Luckett had the play of the day when he pretty much leaped through and over a defender for a nasty monster jam. … Dar Tucker should be a lockdown defender in college because his athleticism is such a neutralizer. …

Eliott Engelman of the Illinois Wolves shot it like a stud 6-foot-6 mid-major recruit and if he does that again could get some even higher glances. … Tom Herzog blocked six shots in his final playoff game of the night. …


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