Spiece Run 'n Slam Interviews: Kelvin Grady

East Grand Rapids (and Michigan Hurricanes) point guard Kelvin Grady sat down with GoBlueWolverine to discuss his recruitment, his game, his relationship with his brother, and much much more.

East Grand Rapids' Kelvin Grady is a player that is already familiar to most Michigan fans. He is the younger brother of current Michigan tailback, Kevin Grady. While little brother made a little noise of his own on the football field, the hardwood is where he really does his magic. Kelvin is one of the lost breed of point guards that puts his job as a setup man above anything he does individually. Now that his former AAU team (Grady Elite) has merged with the Michigan Hurricanes, we're getting the opportunity to see what he is truly capable.

The 5-10, 180-pounder is an excellent penetrator that always has his head up looking for teammates. He is capable of going anywhere on the court with the dribble and he is extremely difficult to press. In addition, he is an in-your-face defender. It the point guard rich class of 2007, he stands out, at this early point, as the best distributor of the bunch.

We got the chance to chat with Kelvin at last weekend's Spice Run 'n Slam tournament about a number of topics ranging from what he has to do to improve his game to his relationship with his brother Kevin.

How do your season go last year?

"It went all right. We had a couple of players that weren't as up to speed as we would have liked. The first 10 games, we were undefeated. Then we started falling off a little bit because of distractions from outside. We had a complaint to the MHSAA and we kind of went downhill from that point. We didn't work as hard as we should have."

How did you do individually?

"I think I averaged 15.6 points per game, six rebounds, 5.6 steals per game, and six assists."

How would you describe your game for those that haven't seen you play?

"I like to push the ball and find the open man down low. I try to find the quickest dish I can get to. If I can't find anyone, I pull it out on offense."

You're a pretty good football player as well. Is it definitely basketball for you at the next level?

"I like football a lot, but not enough to override basketball…, which is my first love."

What schools are you hearing from at this point?

"I'm hearing the most from Michigan. They're showing a lot of love, and I like that. I'm hearing from Michigan State, Purdue, Illinois, and Wake Forest too. Those are the main ones right now. I don't really have a favorite. I'm just focusing on school and playing basketball. Whatever comes, comes."

What are your impressions of Coach Amaker?

"I think he is great coach. A lot happened with his season too. I can compare his season with my season. But I see things looking real good for them right now."

Do you have a timetable for your decision?

"I'm not even worrying about that. I kind of let my dad figure that out. I just play. He does the talking and I do the walking."

Have you talked to your brother about the recruiting process?

"Yeah I have. He calls me all of the time. That's my idol right there. I look up to him He's where I'm trying to be. He gives me that drive to make it up there. He is up there at Michigan doing something that not a lot of kids get a chance to do….going off to college early and practicing. While other kids were out in Cancun during spring break, he was working out trying to get better. I admire that about him."

Speaking of working to get better, what part or parts of your game do you think you really need to improve?

"Probably my shooting. Honestly, there are a lot of things I could stand to work on. I need to continue to get better dribbling and also staying in control mentally. Sometimes I get down mentally and that can destroy a person's game. But what I really need to keep working on is my jumpshot. I feel if I get that together, everything else will come."

GBW will have much more on Grady in the coming weeks.

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