Herzog Toughs Out Being Sick; Enjoys Visit

Tom Herzog was a bit under the weather during his time in Ann Arbor last weekend, but the time he had with the players, coaches, and recruits was enough to make him feel a little better. GoBlueWolverine caught up with he and his mom last evening to get their impressions of the big visit weekend.

This evening GBW had a chance to talk to Tom Herzog about his visit this weekend at the University of Michigan. Although Tom was under the weather, he still enjoyed his time on campus. Tom told us he just recently received a 28 on his ACT test coupled with his 3.9 GPA he has qualified for college. I also had a chance to speak with Tom’s mom and she said that she would trust her son with any of the four coaches (Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame and Illinois) that are recruiting him “They all seem to be good moral people." For more from Tom and Mrs. Herzog, check below.

Tom Herzog

How did your visit go this weekend?

"Pretty good. I liked it a lot. I saw everything that I needed to see this weekend. I would have liked to have enjoyed it more, but I was sick. I still had a good time."

How did you like the campus?

"I really liked the campus tour and the architecture. Michigan just has a nice campus."

Is architecture something that you would like to major in when you get to college?

"Well no, not really I would probably try something like engineering or business."

Can you tell us some of the highlights of your visit?

"Friday, me, Tory, and DeShawn went to class with Lester. Then we went to have lunch. It’s pretty cool at the student union… they have all these restaurants. After lunch we met with Angie Beck one of the academic advisors and then we had a chance to see how they work out with strength coach Jim Plocki. The workout was pretty intense. It looked good and it seemed to like it would be very helpful. Saturday we went to Coach Amaker's house for a barbecue and that was cool. I met his wife and she was really nice. We had Ribs, chicken, shrimp, hamburgers; hotdogs…the food was really good. I also enjoyed the library a lot. It was really big. My dad looked through some books and they had court cases from the Supreme Court back in the 1800’s. It was nice."

What were some of the things you wanted to accomplish while on campus?

"To get a feel for the players and coaches. I got a chance to get to know them all on this visit a little better. I wanted to see what their lives were like on campus and the things I would be doing as a student athlete."

Can you give us a couple of things that a college would have to have for you to go there?

"Well I would have to have an opportunity to play and to help me improve as a player and I would have to be comfortable with the coach and players."

What were your feelings on Coach Amaker?

"Coach Amaker made us feel real comfortable and made us feel a part of the Michigan family. When we talked he told me how they really need me there and how he really wanted me to play at Michigan."

How was the visit at his house?

"It was different. I got a chance to see him as more than just a coach. I got a chance to see him as a person."

How did you feel about the staff?

"Well I know Coach Andy Moore I talk to him the most. I think they all did a good job to make my visit very enjoyable."

Did Tory, DeShawn and you get a chance to talk with each other while you were on the visit?

"Yeah, we were together the whole time. There is a common bond between us. We talked about how big it would be for Michigan if we went there. It would be a good class and I would like to come in with a good class."

On a scale from 1 to 10 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest what would you give this visit?

"I would give it a 7 only because I was sick. It was hard because I was sick and I could have done more things, but I still enjoyed my visit."

Mrs. Herzog

I had a chance to speak with Tom’s mom and gave us her feeling about the visit in her own words.

How would you say the visit went?

"It couldn’t have been better. Everything they exposed us to was fine. The food Mr. Spencer prepared was good. It was a nice family feel. Michigan could not have done a better job making us feel comfortable there. As we were driving there I was wondering if there would be any awkward moments…and there weren’t any. I can’t say enough about Tommy Amaker and his wife, as well as the other coaches and their wives. They were really good to us. They are genuine people and very wonderful to be around. I fit in with them very well. If somehow Tom didn’t chose Michigan, I would be a little disappointed because these are people I would miss because I could see myself being friends with them. But it is going to be Tom’s decision and what he wants. My son is a self-motivated - good kid, and it will be his decision to see how he fits in with the team and the coaching staff."

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